My Mini but beloved collection

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  1. i really like your collection
    small but great
  2. Love love your collection!
  3. I love all the colors!
  4. Ooooooooo, how did I miss your collection Tanja? Great bags - love the Balenciagas!!!
  5. FANTASTIC collection!!! Thank you for sharing.:flowers:
  6. Thanks ladies, you're such a sweet bunch of girls!! A complete turnover has happened through the year and I just love the Balenciaga bags.
  7. So here's my latest addition and all together in my new handbag cupboard with glass doors so that I can admire them.:love:
    In the cupboard on the top shelf:
    Chloe Edith in chocolate, Paddy in dark grey
    2. shelf:
    Balenciaga city in in and purse in sapin
    3. shelf:
    Balenciaga city in grenat with matching toilet case and a cornflower first with the little coin purse.
    Last shelf:
    LV MC white lodge pm and Kooba Sienna in desert
    The work stays outside because I'm using her right now.
    The other pics are the purse in sapin and the toilet case in grenat.

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  8. very nice
  9. stunnnnnnnnning stunnning stunning collection :heart:

    btw we're Paddy's twinz :biggrin:
  10. Great to have a bag twin:yes:
    Here comes my latest additions:
    BV Ball bag in chocolate
    Chloe Betty in black
    I'll do an updated groupshot later because I sold so many bags to replace them with my true loves. I actually never felt so content with my collection like right now.:love:

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  11. great collection!! thanks for posting :smile:
  12. Cerises pochette:love:
  13. great collection :woohoo:
  14. Cute collection
  15. wow great collection:heart: