My Mini but beloved collection

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  1. Tanja your collection is gorgeous!!!!:heart: I love the gaucho!!!!:love:
  2. I think the blue Gaucho is just adorable and if I hadn't already had 2 blue B-bags I would have gone for it. I love to carry mine because it sits very nice on my shoulder and the keys don't make any noise.
    GerGirl the little B-bag is a first in cornflower and the colour is pre-spring 06. I love your lodge!!:smile:
  3. Thanks, darel. Have you come to a conclusion with your Gaucho plans?
  4. Tanja, Thanks for the info! I'm really leaning toward buying the Dior...I'll wait another week :biggrin:
  5. Love your collection Tanja!!!
  6. thanks, ladies you're great!!
  7. lovely collection......
  8. I have an immigrant from the U.S living with me now and she really blends in with the rest of the crowd. Thanks to hubby who brought back this Kooba Sienna for me. The leather is adorable but very sensitive and spraying apple on it leaves stains her so I wouldn'r recommend it. I was so surprised about the quality because I heard pretty mixed opinions bout Kooba. It's my first lambsskin leather bag and my first but not last Kooba. I'll post picks a bit later. thanks for sharing the joy with me!!
  9. congrats on your latest additions! the b-bags are TDF! :love:
  10. I love your BBags colors, thanks for sharing... I noticed your room wall and bedsheets are both matching in orange! Hehe...
  11. Love:love: your updated collection ... love your Bbags, I'm beginning to lust for the ink! It's true the gaucho is very comfortable on your shoulder ... I have the medium in olive brown.
  12. Asl, the Gaucho is very comfy because it#s just one strap and it isn't to big nor to small.
    Ariana, I'm so anal when it comes to matching colours that I can't stand it when my sheets don't have the same colours as the room, same in the living room. I guess I'm a bit OCD :smile:
    I'll post pics of the Kooba when I come home from work.
    Thank you all ladies!!
  13. It's so funny that I keep saying: No more bags for me until August. Sure I couldn't keep my own rule:graucho: So new additions are:
    City in grenat and a Purse in sapin. A groupshot of my B-bag family. I'll take pics of the sienna later. The Gaucho left the family because she was just sitting in the closet.

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  14. Wow your B-bags are adorable. I just wonder where you got them, because I also live in Germany and I never saw a B-bag or a spy bag in a shop. Well anyway your bags are really great.
  15. The grenat city and the sapin purse I bought at Theresa here in Munich. They do have spy bags as well and they ship to your home if you want to. Van Ravenstein in Berlin have Balenciaga bags but not a lot.