My Mini but beloved collection

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  1. Love your colection, especially the pochettes ! ;)

    Don't worry, your collection is larger than mine and it's fabulous !
  2. I love your alma its beautiful..god i love PANTINA' aunt has a 23 year old speedy 35,and the pantina is beautiful!..but its so SAGGY =(
  3. Thanks Girls, you're all so nice and a great support!!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing your not so mini collection! I love the Speedy!!!
  5. You have a wonderful collection! Thanks for posting pics!
  6. Cute collection, thanks for sharing.:smile:
  7. Your speedies are lovely. Ooooh.
  8. Love your COLLECTION!:love:
  9. You have a very lovely collection... thanks for sharing! :smile:
  10. Love it love it!!!
    thanks so much for sharing!!!!!
  11. Some of them left to emigrate to Canada. The cerise liked it better there and preferred to live with another PFmember. A dark grey paddy, city in ink joined the family and I'm still waiting for my first in cornflower to come. I'll update when she's here.
  12. nice collection!
  13. Just lovely. We have lots of Louis lovers here!
  14. great collection! thanks for posting :smile:
  15. You have such a nice collectin Tanja, they all look like a happy family together!