My Mini but beloved collection

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  1. I was thinking about posting or not posting my bags because I don't have that much and in comparison to the collections of most of you ladys mine is just a drop in the sea:smile: I really love them. If somebody can understand that is you:love:
    But I am working really hard on its growth even against the opinion of my hubby and son.
    So here they come:
    Lodge PM + Epi compact wallet
    PA monogram, PA cerise and Porte Tresore pochette Wallet??? Difficult to remember the name.
    Alma monogram, Speedy 25 + Pochette cosmetique
    No Name evening bag for 10 €

    So Thanks for "listening"! You're great ladies and I love this place so much:shame:
    LVsammlung2.jpg LVsammlung 001.jpg LVsammlung 014.jpg louis.jpg
  2. Sorry the no name bag got lost...
    LVsammlung 05.jpg
  3. I think it's a nice collection and I'm glad you posted it!
  4. Tanja, that's a GREAT collection :love: I really like the MC ;)
  5. That's my favourite at the mo, too.
  6. I love your collection! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Love the Lodge! Very nice collection, it doesn't matter if it's small...if they are pieces that YOU love, then that's all that matters!
  8. I love the Lodge! It is beautiful! I also like the LV speedy, of course ;)
  9. Nice collection, thank you for sharing! :nuts:
  10. Great collection of bags. :smile:
  11. I love your collection.:love:
  12. Great collection! Don't be afraid to post regardless of the size of the collection. I think a lot of people here don't post b/c they may have a smaller collection than some of the others posted. I say HEY! even if you only have 1 bag and you love love love it? POST IT!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
  13. Tanja you have a lovely collection!
  14. Great collection!
  15. i like your speedy! :love:
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