My Mini Borsa Chef

  1. This is my very first Fendi that I bought all by myself. Usually I would ask someone else to buy for me. Now I know what I've been missing all these while. :crybaby:

    The boutique itself was wonderful! Trying on one bag after another...Pure bliss! I bought this bag back in April '07 from the new 2007/2 collection. It's such a beautiful bag IRL- Mini Borsa Chef (Rosa + Ner + Oro) Hope you enjoy the pictures!

    DSC04219.JPG DSC04221.JPG DSC04224.JPG DSC04220.JPG
  2. very cute! i love the chef.
  3. That is an adorable chef bag :tup:. I really like the quality level of the fabric on these bags...really charming and great quality. :heart:
  4. That is a really cute bag! :tup:
  5. VERY nice!:smile: U have exquisite taste!
  6. Thank you Litigatrix, baglady.1, Bagged and Lo14 for the wonderful comments. I really wanted to post up the pictures for awhile now cause no one can understand my love for beautiful bags like you guys in PF :tup:
  7. aww I saw that a while ago and thought it was cute. Its a little too small for me otherwise I would get it! Good choice:tup: I like the colors.
  8. kneehihz, it's so cute for dinner :smile: It's my "night bag", if that word actually exisit! :party:
  9. Very cute. And the lock reminds me of the paddington bag. Great colours!
  10. Very pretty!
  11. Really pretty, congrats!
  12. Thanks kavnadoo, tanj and catcat :rolleyes: I adore the lock, even if it is heavy. Comes with a key too!

    Catcat, I love your "Serious pursewhat ...? Who are you trying to fool...?" So am I! I'm only on 4 months, and I'm eyeing on another bag already *sigh*
  13. How come I haven't seen anyone on PF with the same bag? *wonders*