my mind is boggled, so here's a poll

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which beauty????

  1. palm dots pink neverfull

  2. palm dots pink speedy

  3. azur backpack

  4. azur croisette

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. well, you are probably asking the wrong one since the title of this thread clues you in on my purse confusion lol. i actually considered the delightful but i prefer a bag with a zip or other type of secure closure ( the only exception being the neverfull) i really love the look of the azur delightful but i would probably choose the speedy for this reason and for the fact that i am a sucker for tropical themes. it's a really tough choice tho. i also really like both the rose ballerine and hot pink linings on the delightful so there's that.... see? i am no help at all. let us know what you decide tho and best of luck with your decision : )
  2. I definitely voted for the Croisette! She's a cutie that's for sure. So it doesn't come with a Removable/Adjustable Strap? What's the deal with that? It has hardware for it, right?

    Well, big congrats on your new Croisette & Happy Easter!
  3. hi tulip! the croisette strap is removeable just not adjustable but i watched a youtube video where she was kind enough to measure the strap and it is definitely longer than the alma bb strap by about 3 inches if i remember correctly. also, since it is removable we can always substitute another strap like from speedy b or eva. thank's for voting and helping me decide and happy easter to you as well : )
    here is the link to that video on strap length:
  4. Oh great! It made no sense to me that there was hardware for a long strap, but no long strap. I watched part of the unboxing video, but I guess I didn't get to the part where she put the strap on. Now I like this Croisette even more! I think you made an excellent choice!
  5. thank you tulip : )
  6. Just one more quick question for you, between the croissette and the delightful azur which would you choose and why? Thanks so much !
  7. well, you all won't believe this but i changed my mind, hopefully for the last time! decided against the croisette. it's beautiful , don't get me wrong, but a few things swayed me the other direction. first of all, i am not loving the fixed in place handle which sticks straight up. next i tend to favor zip top bags or as previously mentioned, the nf. not a huge fan of flap bags as a rule. with the handle on top i was worried about access to the bag when worn crossbody. soooo, i actually passed on the croisette and ordered the palm dots pink nf. i am so sorry for being flaky on this bag choice but there it is. as for the choice btwn the croisette and delightful, i can't really say as i don't own either! so sorry to be of no help there. thanks everyone. and to those who own the croisette i still consider it gorgeous, but perhaps not for me right now. wish i could get them all, but unless i win the lottery someday, lol.....