my mind is boggled, so here's a poll

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which beauty????

  1. palm dots pink neverfull

  2. palm dots pink speedy

  3. azur backpack

  4. azur croisette

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I voted for the Croisette, by far the most elegant bag among the choices you gave us in your poll.
  2. thanks fabuleux. so far it looks like the majority agree with you : )
  3. Since you have the mini, would you want another backpack? The croisette may have the most staying power as you may tire of the palm dots...the croisette sure is a cute bag!
  4. i know, i am definitely leaning away from the backpack. probably not the most practical for me as i do prefer the whole crossbody style. i do love the croisette. for some reason tho, i am a total sucker for the seasonal print bags. i can't seem to walk away from them even tho i know they don't have that timeless quality....more thought needed. thanks for your input : )
  5. It is and the tassel cutes it up even a good way. I was not paying attention to the new DA releases and my SA just "sprung" the croisette on me this am when I stopped by to pick something else up.

    Needless to say, I will buy on launch day.
  6. so exciting. i do love the tassel. so is the thought that the croisette is about the same size as the pochette metis? also, do you recall the length of the crossbody strap? i know my siracusa pm bugs me a little because the strap is a little short for me crossbody, not bad but just a little shorter than i would like.

  7. Me too!! And now I am craving a margarita after reading through here!
  8. :smile: blender whirring, mixing up another blood orange margarita just for you : ) nice to have some pals here to discuss all of these things with:drinkup:
  9. Did you get the mini? It's hyped but IMO worthy of the hype. :smile: none of the newer bags are really doing it for me- so I don't have any other must have bag recommendations (some of the new SLGs are cute though!)

  10. Sorry- guess I was late on the uptake! Didn't realize there were choices and you DO have the mini. :smile: Good luck!
  11. no worries, yes i did get the mini backpack and really love it! wish i was not pining for these others but i clearly need to narrow the field, lol!
  12. #27 Mar 19, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
    I voted for the Azur backpack. Second is croisette.
    Man, you ladies are lucky to have an azur backpack being launch, I crave for a unisex azur backpack! :drool:
  13. I voted the azur croisette. I just think it is so pretty! Good luck deciding.
  14. thank you : ) croisette is way ahead in the poll. guess this might be a popular bag and for good reason, as it is really beautiful.
  15. I agree, love the tassel detail....I have no azur bags but the croisette and backpack I really like the styles...