my mind is boggled, so here's a poll

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which beauty????

  1. palm dots pink neverfull

  2. palm dots pink speedy

  3. azur backpack

  4. azur croisette

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. so, i don't need any particular style of bag since most bases are pretty well covered if you know what i mean, lol. however, the deluge of gorgeous bags is starting to make my head spin. so, therefore, without regard to need/use/practicality and only going by the desirability factor, which would you choose and feel free to tell me why:smile:
  2. anyone?? bueller??
  3. I didn't vote. Because, at first I was going to vote for the NF, but then I saw the Croisette listed. While I like bright and colorful and all, I also look down the future road if I'll tire of it and how quickly. So I think I'm leaning more towards the Azur Croisette. I like the design of the bag, the interior, and I don't think it's a bag you'll tire of as quickly? However, since they haven't released yet, my mind could be changed after seeing in person. But, doubtful:P Ok, so I just voted Croisette!
  4. Bet you can't guess who voted for the pink NF?? lol
  5. All of them??!! Just kidding....I normally don't like azur but I like the backpack...I'd have to see the croisette in person or worn to decide but it looks like a cute bag.....on the palm dots I'm undecided on which one would be better....I go back and forth b/w a speedy or NF. I think it depends on which one you would carry more.......
  6. Hi LVlvoe_bug :wave:
  7. Hi MxMM!!!!!:wave:
  8. thanks guys. it's so nice to have everyone here : ) wish i could offer you all a cup of coffee, or glass of wine, or margarita. then we could hash all this out : )
  9. see above post lvlvoebug : )
  10. oh yes i can!
  11. thank you love2learn. very valid points for sure. i really need to win the lottery.....
  12. Right! I would definitely take the margarita. :smile:
  13. me too. btw, just recently tried a blood orange margarita made with solerno blood orange liqueur. highly recommend. but i digress............
  14. Oh sounds yummy! :biggrin:
  15. yes, yes it was : )