My MIL's doxie was hit and killed...a sad reminder to use a leash

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  1. Just a reminder that on busy streets, leashes are so important. My MIL's 2 year old dauchsund Zappa was hit by a neighbor (who does drive like a bat out of H*#L ) while out front last week. It's so sad. My FIL was out there with he and the other doxie, walking them in the front yard to use the bathroom. Zappa was killed instantly, so there was no pain, but my MIL is taking it very hard, understandably. :crybaby: The saddest thing is how melancholy his doxie brother is now, without his playmate.

    I am hoping that when she is ready to get another one, she'll use a great local doxie rescue... but it will be a little while until she's ready for that.
  2. :crybaby:That is so sad. My thoughts are with your MIL and FIL, you, his brother, and everyone else who is affected by this tradgedy.
  3. Omg that is so sad and heartbreaking! Thank you for sharing, I think everyone should use a leash!

    I always use a leash, it makes me very nervous when I see dogs walking around the yard/street w/o a leash on even if their owners are right there.
  4. Oh my goodness! That is very sad. My thoughts go out to you and your MIL and her family. Thanks for the reminder to use a leash.
  5. Oh...that's so tragic! I'm so sorry for you. I have a miniature dachshund, and I'd be TORN if anything like that happened to him. We always have to warn him away from the street, and he's pretty good about obeying, but just last night when I let him outside before bed, he was way down at the end of the yard, walking down the sidewalk! It's so frustrating because dachshunds are such strong-willed dogs and they're fast and they have minds of their own. In the yard he's leash free, but when we go anyplace else, I have to harness him up. He hates it, but it's for his own good. But my thoughts will be with your extended family!
  6. sorry to hear that...
  7. What a sad story. The same thing happened to our dog when I was about 13--my parents just let them run out in the country. I'd never let my dogs run like that now.
  8. Awful, but a good reminder.
  9. ^ITA.

    Leash your dogs, and don't let cats alone outside unsupervised.