My midnite blue ursula zip clutch :yay

  1. I saw pics of Janice's Lobster clutch and fell in :love: so I had to get it in midnite.

    Please excuse quallity of pics-cellphone cam pics taken @ my desk. I hate working Friday nights :rant: but at least I have PF to keep me company


    and here is the brick red small multi thanks to bag.lover
  2. Harlem_cutie: Congrats. =) Love them both! Are they keepers? =) Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

    Yup, I will keep you company. =)

    BL (Coachwife6 was the first PF friend to call me by BL, I like it!)

  3. Both are so cute! Lucky friend has a brick red Blake and it's one of her favorites. The color is just so versatile!
  4. :graucho: Yay is right, that Midnite zip clutch is far out! Is the hardware silver or gold (hard to tell from lighting)? Shame you're at work, but at least you're in good company (BL to the rescue)...enjoy your new MJs in the meantime, they're lovely:smile: .

    ...after a closer look, it appears more gold...pairs nicely with the dark blue...
  5. aww thanks ladies. Sick4Marc the hardware is indeed gold. I'll try to take better pics later because this wallet is beautiful.

    bag.lover-yes they arer both keepers and once again thanks for the Nordies info. I am really enjoying the bag. I wore it today and everyone @ work was complimenting me.

    FYI, the pics don't show it but the trim of the bag is berry.
  6. harlem_cutie, great choice! I have been contemplating on getting a second zip clutch and i really like the midnight color. I have not seen it IRL though. I can't wait to see more pics of your zip clutch!!

    In the meantime, enjoy zippy!
  7. Harlem_cutie! I love your new midnight Ursala!! its beautiful! Don't cha' just love it!! I also love the new small multi the color is TDF! WOW! I like the combo blue wallet/brick bag. Tres HOT!!! Congrats!!! :P
  8. posting better pics so you guys can hopefully see the real colors

    also the trim on the multipocket is a brighter shade of red, not berry

    and I posted a clearer pic of the inside of the MJ clutch to compare for authenticity purposes. The lining is canvas with "Marc Jacobs" scattered throughout
    mj_blue.JPG mj_hw.JPG mj_inside.JPG mj_auth.JPG mj_brickred.JPG mj_brickred1.JPG mj_brickred2.JPG mj_brickred3.JPG
  9. Oh I love it. Nice.........
  10. Harlem_cutie,

    The colors are soooo nice, I'm glad you decided to keep them. =) Your Multipocket comes with silver hardware (looks gold in the pictures) right? How do you like it compared to your Silver Multi? =)

    You are welcome about Multipocket, it's meant to be yours. If I see another one in the future again, I'll get it too.

  11. bag.lover, the clutch has gold hardware which I love with the blue and the brick comes with silver. My Sienna Hobo also has gold hardware. I'm actually not particular with hardware its the pushlocks I love.

    I recently had a ltd. edition butterscotch Stella and returned it because the buckles were a pain. Believe it or not I use all the pockets on my MJ bags lol so being able to get in and out is important.

    I donn't think my next purchase will be until the anniversary sale in July @ Nordies. I plan on buying a mousse stam. I saw someone in the street with it today and I fell in love.
  12. Harlem_cutie,

    You decided on Mouse Stam?
    Anniversary Sale is just a month from now. =)

    (from Nordstrom Credit Card Statement)
    the fashion event of the year is just around the corner
    Start planning now: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins Friday, July 14.

    This much-anticipated event is your opportunity to scoop up fall's best and brightest looks for the entire family - all at incredible savings. You'll find a tremendous selection of styles and sizes, and come away ready to start the season in impeccable style...

  13. I love the clutch in that color-congrats!~