My midnight city finally arrived!!! But ...

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  1. i was hoping it to be just a tad bit darker, as i know blue bags tend to fade .... but i really like the leather, so i'm all confused now what to do with her! :confused1:
  2. The pic is taken under strong sunlight,
    your pics look a little lighter, maybe it's lights that cause the difference?:confused1:

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  3. hey girl, you look fantastic in the photo ! the color on your bag is what i'm looking for. my bag DEFINITELY looks lighter, not quite as navy for some reason, like there is a film of white dust on top of it, if you know what i mean?

    should i try conditioning it? will that take out the yummy wrinkles?

    or should i wait for the 09 officier and swap it ?
  4. Thanks, frankiextah.:heart:
    yeah, I just went back and looked at your bag again,
    it's lighter and...not as "fresh and shiny" as other 08 blues.
    I'm so sorry that I'm not a Bal expert myself and I have never conditioned my bags, the weather is very humid here. :sad:

    I just saw a 09 officier city in other thread,
    I think it's very much the same with 08 midnight, I don't see much difference. Maybe you should get the officier? I think it's more close to what you're looking for. ;)
  5. i am in such a dilemma! i am trying to see if i want to sell that one to swap for the 09 officier city... but the leather on the 08 marine is TDF !! the color is my only concern... the blue just isn't navy enough, like there is a film of white dust on the bag ...
  6. OMG.:drool:
    It's amazing.
  7. frankie, I love your bag! But if the colour bothers you so much, I would swap it for Officier. There really isn't any point in forcing yourself to keep her (despite having good leather and all), when all you think of when you look at her is, "she's not perfect".

    The Officier posted here looks great, I'm guessing there's great potential in the leather. Cross your fingers and hope for the best!
  8. I love this colour ! :yes:
  9. thankyou, sugarplush... and thankyou for everyone who have put in time on this thread.. i have officially said goodbye to this baby (albeit how young), and have placed it on bonanzle in search for a new home :crybaby:
  10. That bag is perfection. The color, leather, LOVE IT!! A keeper for sure.:heart:
  11. Hey i picked this bag up in Selfridges the other day, i wasn't aware of the name of the colour, the sa said it had only been in a few days.. so it's called midnight right?

    From what i can see in the pix, my '09 city is exactly the same colour :smile: it's yummy!
  12. hey!! so does the paper tag say 2008 3 or 2009 1 ? if it's 2008 3, then it's midnight, which is also called navy or marine :P