My mia has a little friend!!

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  1. So I bought this ponytail scarf at the outlets a few weeks ago.. what do you think of it on my new baby? I think it looks pretty cute and colorful!!!

  2. gorgeous!

    the magenta mia is PERFECT for almost all ponytail scarves- i never though the magenta would be so versatile!
  3. o0o, how cute! I got this scarf the other day at the outlet to go on my straw tote. It's so colorful and goes with so much.
  4. Purty........

  5. Girl, you seriously need to STOP alluring me with that gorgeous bag of yours...

    Must resist taking out my credit card and call the Coach 800 number to order.... LOL
  6. ooooh, pretty
  7. That scarf goes perfect with that bag!! I love it :smile:
  8. CUTE! i'm glad to see your mia in magenta! i know how you were waiting for it. great combo!
  9. It's toooo pretty! I must look away or suffer the pains of ENVY!!:nuts:
  10. Very nice!
  11. It's adorable. :drool:
  12. Awww shucks you girls are too kind :blush: Thanks so much for all the kind compliments :tup:
  13. that is so pretty, makes me wanna get more scarves for my bags!!
  14. What a beautiful bag and scarf!
  15. Dude, stop showing me that Mia! I'm gonna end up ordering it! :drool: