My Metallica's Rock- Sak's sale find!

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  1. I have been so excited since I saw last night that my CL Metallica's had been shipped and were at my local Fed Ex.:yahoo: I got home today and they were here. They had caught my eye in the summer when they first came out. After much drama and mind changing over some Dior boots, I still had no shoe boots. Then these came on sale at Saks. They did not have my size :sad:, but someone must have returned a pair :yahoo:. I got them today and they were great. I am so psyched!
    Metallicas1.jpg Metallicas2.jpg
  2. Congrats! I bought them during the presale then returned them the next day. I too noticed them this summer, but with all of my purchases I could not keep them. I just did not feel they were "me." They also happened to be a size larger than my other CLs and I wasn't thrilled about that. I hope you get more out of them than I did.
  3. yay, delighted for you! enjoy
  4. Congrats ronsdiva! These are hot boots!!! How is sizing on these? I have not had a moment to try them on, but I'm thinking about buying them in either black/pewter. What size are you US and all that business? TIA!
  5. Love the script Ohio for your Avatar. I am from Columbus so we are so psyched OSU gets another shot at the national championship. Anyway, I ususally wear a 9.0 to 9.5 in most shoes. In CL's I take a 9.5. These boots are a bit tight across the top of the toe, though they are long enough and they are perfect in the heel. I think I might get them stretched a bit. I had forgotten when I first saw them on-line it was recommended you go up 1 full size, but there were/are no 11's left.
  6. ^^^Are you serious? That's crazy. Us Buckeyes are all over. hehe You must have been watching this past weekend's games like we were hoping either Oklahoma and/or Pitt to win. My BIL booked a plane ticket to New Orleans literally seconds after Pitt won. LOL My sister and I are still thinking about going, but after paying $1400 per game ticket last year and then airfare and all of that business to see us get beat so badly...not so fun. I was living in South Beach at the time too so you can only imagine how many Gators I ran into daily. LOL Luckily, I was in undergrad when we won the 2002 game so I was actually at the game and everything (was lucky enough to get the $150 lottery ticket for the game).

    Ok, enough OSU talk. haha Thanks so much for the sizing advice. We are pretty much the same size, so I think if I get them I should def. get a 40/40.5. Thanks! Enjoy them. They are HOT!!!
  7. Those are cute. I'd like to see how they look on you. I've only seen them in pics on display.
  8. Ok, the script Ohio dazzled me. I MEANT to say that I take a 40/10 in CL's. I did get the 10.5 in these, but probably could wear an 41/11. That would be a full size up from my regular size in CL's and is what one of the websites (Saks?) used to post as the recommended for this bootie. That is so great that you were able to go to the game in 2002. Ouch re: this past January.