My metallic paddington

  1. The metallic is rubbing off and I can see a beige color. I only had it for 3 months and don't wear it often at all. I am so angry!!!!!! You pay more for metallic for what, for it to start chipping. What BS! What should I do?

    I emailed CHLOE from their website.
  2. Where did you get it from? If from Nordies, they can either refund you or exchange for you. their CS rocks. I worried about the metallic rubbing off thing, but I am still surprise to hear that since the price tag for CHloe bag is not small amount.
    Call the store where you bought it from and try to work with their CS..Good luck....
  3. My bf got it for me from which is the offical website connected fromt he site.
  4. I have read about others complaining about the same problem with the metallic paddys. I love the metallics, but I am hesitant to get one after hearing about this peeling problem...let us know what you find out from Chloe.
  5. really? could you take a photo? i have anthracite and don't have a problem with the rubbing off.
  6. Oh, that sucks! I just got my metallic gold from Nordstrom's a couple of weeks ago and inquired about the same will the gold color hold up. The SA said that if I experienced ANYTHING that resembled cracking, peeling or rubbing off of color, that I could bring it back for a replacement or refund. Especially for the $$ paid. She said to just keep my receipt and tags...which I have. But she said that she hasn't seen it I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :smile:

    Hope you can get it resolved in a satisfactory manner from Net-A-Porter!

  7. Metallic leather always tends to do that with age, but 3 months is way too soon.

    Actually, I kind of like the slightly worn around the edges look (it takes some of the 'hard' look of metallic leather away, and gives it a vintage, faded glamour look, IMO); but if it's chipping off, or rubbing in the centre of the leather, that's not good.

    Assuming you've only used it normally in those three months (i.e. as a handbag [not as a sled, or a grass collector for your lawnmower, etc. :lol: ]) and there is no sign of damage due to abuse (like hitting your BF with it, etc. :lol: ), accident, or excessive lack of care; it is 'not fit for its purpose' (badly made/faulty). So, under UK law, they have to offer you a refund (or exchange).

    I'm sure Net-a-Porter will help you out, Minnie; just contact them asap. :yes:
  8. I'm sorry, Minnie, that is awful! You should contact Net-a-porter, their customer service is usually great. This is definitely not normal after only 3 months. Good luck!
  9. Yes I don't use it during the day often, don't bring it to school or work. Its a mini paddington so when I do wear it , its at night. BUt i also have other bags I wear. I wouldn't say I used it a lot at all. We'll see what they say, hopefully they will get back to me today.
  10. I agree that while metallic leather tends to do that over time 3 months is WAY to early for that to be happening. Hope everything works out Minnie!!!
  11. Minnie, sorry to hear about the fading! Please keep us updated on what they say!
  12. I have seen with my own eyes what is happening to your bag. It only seems to be happening to the Metallic Silver and not the anthracites or gold. My friend bought hers from the Chloe Btq and they were aware of the problem. They exchanged it with no hesitation for another paddy. Unfortuantely they were sold out of the met silver so she went for a regular leather.

    Hopefully the site can assist you. If the boutiques are aware of the problem, they must be too. Maybe they can help you get the exchange from NAP.

    Good Luck!
  13. awww...i hope they give you a refund. i was going to buy an anthracite at nordies and i noticed that rubbed off look you're talking about. i immediately put it down because for the amount of $ it costs, it should NEVER do that! Keep us posted.
  14. I contacted chloe and they failed to respond. I contacted net-a-porter and they told me to send the bag back to them and they would issue me a refund. I am soo upset. I love the bag and I don't want anoter color but I am afraid it will only get worse this problem.
    What if I go to nordstrom and tell them I don't have a receipt? but I purchased it there will they give me store credit or let me exchange it for another one or if I go to chloe because I am scared to send it to net a porter what if something happens in the mail ? In a rush sorry I am blabbing. Let me know what you ladies think.
  15. minnie- which color was it- silver or anthracite? I've had an anthracite and no problems so far (knock on wood). so sorry you've had this problem!