My Metallic Navy Reissue 227 is finally here!!!!!

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    So my DH texted me while I was at work yesterday that a huge box from Chanel arrived. I was so excited that I wanted to leave work asap but of course I couldn't just do that. So after a few hours passed and the time to leave was at hand, I rushed home and told my DH not to open it because I wanted to open it. Hehehe... :wlae:

    So I got home, scrambled to open the box and lo and behold, my metallic navy 227 dream was now a reality!!!! I was so overwhelmingly happy that I quickly took it out of the box and stuffed my wallet and other belongings with it since we were about to go out for dinner and catch a movie with some of our friends. I just had to.... had to use it asap.

    What a beautiful bag I must say.... now I wonder how the red one will look like in person. Eeps! My DH did however asked me to try and not buy too many expensive bags within a month's period just because I just got a Chanel a few weeks ago too. Maybe I'll go on a bag ban for a bit... Let's see how that's going to hold up :angel:

    The Metallic Navy Reissue 227 is PERFECT!!!!!:love::love::love:
  2. Congrats! When do we get to see pics? :drool:
  3. Congratulations!
  4. congrats!
  5. congrats!! :biggrin:

  6. Here you go!

  7. Congrats Shockboogie!!!

    Thanks for your help with the 228 but I snagged a 227 so I will have to cancel it.

    Is it as beautiful as I think it is going to be? How was it taking it out to dinner?

    I am so happy for you. Enjoy!!!
  8. wow congrats--i guess all the metallic reissue colors are really starting to trickle in now =)

    soooo gorgeous!!
  9. Thanks donnatrader1! Congratulations on your 227 as well.
    It is as beautiful as you would think it would be... and it smells soooooo good! I kept sniffing it while my DH was driving to and from the dinner and the theatre. He just looked at me with a weird expression on his face probably thinking his wife has gone bonkers sniffing brand new Chanel :nuts:

    I wore it with jeans, a sparkly silver top, and my yellow Yoji Yamamoto sneakers last night and it was awesome. It was great for a night out though I did tell my DH that I didn't want to go to any place smoky just because I don't want to risk my bag smelling like :yucky:. I think it's pretty durable though and not as high maintenance as I thought it would be. It also held alot of stuff so it ended up being the perfect size for me.

    I can't wait until your 227 arrives!!!! You will definitely LOVE it!:love:
  10. oh, it's beautiful, congrats!!
  11. I know my DH thinks that I went bonkers over this navy reissue. I think I may agree with him. I have never wanted a bag so much. I can not wait until mine arrives. I know my DH is glad I found one so that I will stop yapping about it. Little does he know but I think that I am falling in love with either the red or dark silver. LOL
  12. I have to say, that is so fine!! For a silver h/w girl, I have to pick this one over the red. I already have the regular navy patent, so I don't "need" this one, but it is one of the prettiest bags I have seen!
  13. Congratulations. So beautiful.:love:
  14. Really Beautiful!

  15. Oh I know how you exactly feel... Im also torn between what to get next: the red one or the dark silver one. But then again, I'm on a ban for now since I promised the hubby. I need restraint!:wlae: