My metal ID tag in my 3 month old City is falling out......

  1. It completely came undone on one side and is now hanging there. Dumb question but what should I do? I don't want to stitch it back in place (the one stitch that holds the metal bar) with the wrong color thread.
  2. Where did you get it from?
    If it was Bal or a Dept store I would bring it to them.
  3. Where did you get it? I would bring it back and have them repair it. Or call Balenciaga and see if you can send it to them for repairs.
  4. I bought it at BalNY and I'm in Wisconsin!
  5. I would call them and see what they suggest.
  6. I called they said to send it back and it would take several weeks! I am not happy about this AT ALL.
  7. The tag in my Grenat fell out, and my Ink came without one. I bet you could match the thread very well yourself or just be lazy like me and leave it be, lol.
  8. The only concern with self repairs is that if you want to sell, then it might be a problem. A bigger problem might be not having the silver tag at all if it gets lost. If you aren't going to ever sell, then I wouldn't worry about the tag falling out - just save it to be safe. If you might want to sell, then sending it back to Bal might be the best move, but of course, leaves you without a bag for months. All around, it just isn't a good situation.
  9. I would just take it to a bag repair shop. Usually it's a shoe doctor place where they also fix bags. They can stitch it back together on a sewing machine. Would take probably an hour tops!!!