My Mens Monogram Wallet

  1. I am a guy who owns a few monogram LV items ie. wallet, business card holder, small diary. My friends know nothing about LV so I need to ask you what are your thoughts when you see a guy in his 40's pull out a monogram wallet? Is it too showy for a man? Just curious Thanks!
  2. unless that person (male or female) consciously does it so people would notice, no.
  3. i think he likes quality, long-lasting stuff, and that he went above and beyond to find this wallet
  4. I also would think he likes fine, quality items. However, I don't know if I like monogram for a men's wallet. It's okay, but I think I would like Damier or Tiaga better for a man.
  5. I agree with tr444, if you're worried about it being too showy, you should consider the taiga, utah, damier, or epi. I personally like the monogram so I have a MC wallet.
  6. I wish I could get my DH to wear any LV mens wallets, but he would not trade his Bosca wallet for anything:sad: , but that's okay...more LVs for me :nuts: . To answer your question, I think it's sexy for any man to wear men's LV wallets because it only shows that he got style :supacool: and he loves good quality, but it always comes down to how (attidute) you wear it :smile: !
  7. No it doesn't matter what age you dad has LV accessories and it still looks cool on him!
  8. I agree totally! I have tons of LV Monogram items, I don't care what others think about it really. As long as I am happy and I will used what I want to. :wlae:
  9. My husband bought a damier wallet last Saturday. He liked the monogram but we both thought it was just a tad feminine for him. He LOVES the damier. FYI, he's 42. So, go for it!
  10. No matter what your age is, I think it's nice to see a man pull out an LV wallet. It shows that you have great taste, style, and that you like quality. You bought the items because you could afford it, and because it's something that lasts. You shouldn't care about what others think, because it was your decision. It's ok that your friends don't know anything about LV, you didn't make the purchase because of them. You did it for yourself.
  11. it looks stylish to me and a sign that you fine small leather goods and possibly travel screams good taste and money
  12. Lol my dad's going to be 58 this year and uses monogram stuff. Right now he's using his Taiga wallet but he still loves his monogram :yes:
  13. I'm a guy too and my mom bought me my first LV monogram wallet when I was 17.

    Now I'm in my 30s and I still carry LV...currently it's a Damier. I love LV wallets and whether it's showy or not, I don't care. As long as I'm happy, that's all the matters.
  14. I agree!! :yes:
  15. We got my 65 year old dad a mono wallet for Christmas and he loves it. My DH is a little more subtle though - he's had a black epi wallet for 3 years, and it still looks brand new! If you like it, keep using it, no matter what anyone else might think.