My memorable visit to the OC today!

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  1. I met a couple of PF girls at SCP today (I'll let them tell you how they are). And while shopping at Hermes, we came across this gorgeous tri-color Kelly! Thanks, fellow PF companion, for debating with me on whether or not to buy it for almost an hour:nuts: ! Well, I made my decision, so here it is!
    BTW, the photo doesn't look good because I had to cut off the left side due to the visibility of a class photo. I had to crop that photo out to protect the privacy of the people in it.
  2. Congratulations! One breathtaking bag. I love it. May I ask what's the color combination?:love: :nuts:
  3. Thanks! I believe the SA said that the handle and folding "arms" were havane, the flap was gold, and the third color is chocolate.
  4. god - that is stunningly beautiful!! Your collection is so fab, P!!!!! I love this bag!!! what size/leather?????
  5. Beautiful bag....Was she just sitting there?:smile:
  6. Wow - it was truly your lucky day! Congrats on your fabu new bag. So, shopping companions, reveal yourselves!!
  7. Congrats!
  8. wow, your collection has really grown in... how many months? :P
    congratulations. you have great kelly karma.
    yes yes size and leather info when you wake up.
  9. Wow! What a find! Congrats!
  10. Congrats!
  11. It's a beauty! Congrats to you!
  12. What a rare beauty and find that will surely turn a lot of heads! Congratulations!!!
  13. whoa it's amazing!! Very nice color combo!! Congratulations!!!!!:love:
  14. Gorgeous new purchase!
  15. I'm not usually a fan of tri-color, but I love this! I think the colors are fab! Congrats!
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