My Medium Luxury in Gold

  1. :heart: many many thanks to roey's thread :heart: , here's my lovely, absolutely gorgeous medium luxury in gold :yahoo:
  2. VERY NICE!! Congrats!!
  3. congrats
  4. That is gorgeous! Loves it - congrats!!!
  5. GORGEOUS!!! It's my favourite color.:love:
  6. That's beautiful!!
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. So beautiful, also our favorite. The medium should fit nicely on your shoulder. However the large can only be used has a hand or arm held. However, we still love it.
  9. I LOVE the gold bowler :yahoo:. Congrats!
  10. Wow, that is gorgeous! I am so glad you are happy. :biggrin: I love the "Propery of Josie267" watermark!!
  11. beautiful!
  12. Now that's hot!!
  13. Beautiful! And soooo lux.
  14. Ahh.. too gorgeous ! Congrats ! :yes:
  15. Congrats! I love it!