My Medium Goatskin Bowler finally! *PICS!*

  1. I finally managed to get my hands on them!:yahoo:

    I'm sure you guys have seen it tons of time so thank you for bearing with me.:flowers:

    Chanel Luxury TPF.jpg Chanel Luxury Detail.jpg

    It's so lovely...I brought it out for drinks with my girlfriends yesterday and they couldn't stop touching it 'cos the leather is soooo divine. :love:
  2. Congrats on getting this long-awaited beauty! It's gorgeous!
  3. u're another lucky girl.
    that is one hot bag!!!
  4. how much is she running these days.
  5. 2160. plus tax
  6. OMG, it's been forever since you ordered it! What happened? I'm so glad it is finally here!!

    Your pictures are not helping me return mine...
  7. Phew! So glad it finally arrived. You sound so thrilled - I'm so happy for you.:drinkup:
  8. So pretty! I tried this one out in the store and the leather and lining is soooo soft! Great purchase :smile:
  9. L:heart: vely!!!
  10. gorgeous!!!:love:
  11. I love your new bag, it's TDF.
  12. I love the color!! It's so pretty!! :love:
  13. It's very pretty!! I love the leather on this bag too.
  14. So pretty. Congrats!
  15. wow.....lucky you! Congrats, its gorgeous.