~*~My Medium Ebano Veneta has arrived!~*~

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  1. Yummy ebano! Congrats!
  2. How did I miss your thread??? This is just lovely---congratulations on this classic bag. Is there another color than Ebano to best display the beautiful BV weaving? IMO, there isn't. You have the best.

    Perfect size for you--enjoy in good health!
  3. Thanks for your the nice comments, r15324, marvelgirl and boxermom:flowers:
    I can't seem to stop staring ALOT at my new bag:love:.....that must be a good sign!
    I love it so much and I'm sure that I need it in black down the road...:yes:
  4. I have a small veneta in ebano and I just love it. I think ebano is the best BV colour - rich and sophisticated without being overly formal. Congrats on your new goodie!