~*~My Medium Ebano Veneta has arrived!~*~

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  1. #1 Sep 9, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2010
    I am at a loss for words!
    I just received my first BV today and it's absolutely stunning!:love:
    Everything about it is more than I even expected..(I know I'm not telling you ladies anything new..lol)
    I think Ebano is the perfect brown..more of an expresso color to me.
    I'll make my reveal quick and I'm going to attach all my pics together.
    Thanks, thedseer for enabling me with your BV's!..I am so happy that I purchased.
    ..and jburgh..thanks for your help too, on the SA recommendation...super nice!
    I threw in a couple of quick mod pics too..nothing fancy but it helps to see the size of the bag on me..I'm 5'3..124.

    Here goes~

    I love the UPS man!


    Gorgeous leather...

    ..and suede lining

    my mirror!

    I think this is closest to the true color~

    unstuffed with just my things..


  2. amazing!
  3. It's a perfect neutral....congrats!
  4. Nice bag......great color.....congrats!!!
  5. Looks like yummy chocolate! My favorite forever color of all! Enjoy your new bag! You wear her well and thanks for the pics!
  6. Congratulations, bag twin!
  7. Congratulations!! Love the pictures!
  8. Thanks, Miss_fancybags,pigalle74,bagaholic, luxediva, ivy1026 and nycshopa..:flowers:

    This bag is truly beautiful... now I see why you all love them so much.

    Thanks again to everyone for all of your thoughts and opinions when I was trying to decide..it was all very helpful:yes:
  9. Beautiful rich brown color! And it's the perfect size for you! Congrats!
  10. Love Ebano, love the Veneta! The size suits you perfectly! Enjoy your classic beauty!!
  11. looks fantastic on you, and glad you love it!! ebano is the perfect color : )
  12. The bag suits you well, congratulations! Ebano, for me, is the quintessential brown.
  13. So gorgeous on you! My first BV was a large ebano--you've inspired me to pull it out for the fall! Congrats!
  14. So pretty....ebano is the perfect brown. Enjoy!
  15. Beautiful and she looks good on you! Congrats.