My med pleated veneta in baltic is here!

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  1. In my eagerness to take my bottega group photo I forgot about taking reveal photos of my pleated veneta :roflmfao:

    Here you go! My medium pleated veneta in baltic...


    She's simply stunning IRL. :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Presenting my small little Bottega Family (including DH's ebano bi-fold wallet)


    I'm not sure why but I've always thought that my New Ball is bigger than the medium veneta. Only when I put them together did I realise that the opposite is true!
  3. A close up look at the 'little ones' :P

  4. love your family pictures - both bags and those hilariously adorable monkeys in your avatar!

    really gorgeous choice of colors!!!!
  5. What a beautiful collection you have and even lovelier children!! They look so sweet!
  6. Those are terrific pictures, thank you for posting them. The pleated Venetas are so pretty. I hope everyone that really wanted one was able to get it. Your signature lines crack me up!
  7. You have a beautiful collection. I'm partial to the pleated Baltic.


  8. Gorgeous bags! My favorite is the Baltic! I can't wait until all of the ice and snow melts and we have clear weather so I can get my Baltic bag back out!

    Love you new avi pic!
  9. What a beautiful collection! :tup:
  10. Lovely family!
    Thanks for sharing!
  11. Gorgeous collection!!:woohoo:
  12. What a lovely collection you have! I think the pleats on your Veneta are downright sexy. I love the baltic color! You take great photos- thanks!!!
  13. :drool::drool::drool: OMG!!!! I love your BV family picture. So nice.
    The pleated veneta look really good. I love it. Hope I can get one veneta this year.
    Love the card holder and wallet too. So many things that I want.
  14. Eventhough I do not intend to use this pretty thing yet but I couldn't help but took some modelling pix. :P

    As a shoulder bag (the drop felt more than a regular medium)

    Pardon my puggy arm :Push:

    As an arm candy
  15. Major Congrats!
    I looooove Baltic Pleated Venetas!