My MC white mini HL totally turned pink. I'm so bummed out!

  1. I got my Multicolore collection out just to get ready for spring and to my surprise...the white mini HL sides totally turned into pink color!! Whoa...!!! I was like what the...? :wtf: I carried it only ONCE a few years ago, how can it turn so pink?

    Then I did some search on tPF and saw that many people have had the same problem with this line especially with the mini HL. It's a manufacturing defect.

    So my question is will LV repair it or replace it for me? If not, will they give me a store credit or a refund of some sort and how much? I bought this bag in 2003 from Las Vegas when it was first released and was a LE item. But it's 2008 now and I don't know if I can find the receipt.

    I'm kind of bummed out because I have the black Mini HL, too and the color pattern of both bags totally matches (see pics). If I don't get a replacement, this black Mini HL will be very lonely :crybaby:.
    IMG_3421 copy.jpg IMG_3423 copy.jpg IMG_3424 copy.jpg IMG_3431 copy.jpg IMG_3432 copy.jpg
  2. You really should bring this back to the store.
  3. yeah, they lining would bleed out onto the canvas. and sometimes, it would turn yellow (i think....i might be wrong..) they discontinued this bag too.

    thats too bad. yur little family is so cute
  4. I'm pretty sure this is a well known defect, bring it back the store. :yes:
  5. Take it back to LV.
  6. Thank God you're not from the Philippines, I guess. Coz i brought my mom's MC white speedy (bought in 2003 - top of the pocket turned yellowish - due to bleeding i think) to the boutique here and they said they wouldn't exchange it coz it was purchased for more than 1 year! No repair, No anything! I said that in other countries, it is possible to have it replaced/store credit/repaired (this is what i remember from some posts that i've seen before). But they keep insisting that all LVs (around the world) only accept replacement for less than 1 year of purchase.. They seem to be ignorant about the manufacture defect back in 2003.

  7. That sucks! I hope I can get mine replaced, repaired or refunded.
  8. Just insist on it. It totally their fault.
  9. Take it into the boutique & speak with a manager. It is a defect with the bag. Hopefully they can send it in for repair so you can still have your beautiful set.
  10. sorry to see ur beloved like that.. i think u should go and not leave without a justification...its not fair to purchase a bag that cost a bundle and for years to keep, for something like this to happen..makes no sense.

    Best of luck!!!
  11. They should give you credit. I think there are more of these bags in their inventory, check with them. You do not need your receipt, for they can verify with the store you purcahsed it from as long as you can provide them the specific store infomation, its in their system. Good Luck!
  12. thats terrible! hope lv will do something about it
  13. take it back ot LV and let us know the outcome..:tup::p
  14. They'll definitely take it back and give you credit (probably for the amount it last sold for). However you won't be able to get a replacement since it's discontinued and sold out.
  15. Definately take it back and complain to the manager. It's obviously the lining bleeding.

    They should be able to repair it with the canvas they use to make all the current multi bags.