MY MC Trouville with date code MI0190 doesnt make sense

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  1. Ok I posted an earlier thread and the girl told me to read a new date code system implemented for 2007 on FAQ's.

    Now I bought my White MC trouville less than 4 months ago at the LV store in perth. Now I never bothered looking at teh date code cos u cant buy a fake at the lv store.

    But just a coupla nights ago I went to c the date code its says MI0190 now under the new and even the old date code system it doesnt make any sense. I tripled checked and its not me that im reading wrong. So even mayb the MI0790 still doesnt make any sense.

    Which would under new date code system mean Made in France, 9th week of 2010!

    Now old 1 would b Made in France, August 2010

    I'm so freaked out how can this be right? I bought this from the store and how can this b wrong???

    Someone help I'm going 2 the lv store 2day but i dont want my sales assistant to say its a fake!!!!
  2. If john is here or any LV associates someone helps :'( How can this b right when i bought it from the store!
  3. I just bought black MC Trouville for 1 month in Asia and it has new date code system with weeks and year. Mine is MI1007. It means 10th week in 2007.
  4. :confused1: Any chance of a close up? Really doesn't make sense eventhough it's a bit hard to read date codes on alcantra but this is way off....maybe MI0096...need pics.
  5. Hmmm, date code MI0190 doesn't make sense. Could you please take a pic of the date code?
  6. ok I just went my usual LV reps was there as well. They both worked there for 6 years and expressed the following-

    "This is a genuine LV bag anyone who tell you otherwis e don't know what they are talking about and should come into the store and have a talk with the assistants and manager & explain their argument. No LV bag you purchase at a store is fake PERIOD.

    There are many facts, myths, fictions that alot of online websites & authenticators proclaim to know how Louis Vuitton manufacturer their bags. However there are MANY things Louis Vuitton does things differently that has never been revealed to the public. Even date codes are sometimes done differently to stop fakes thinking they are stamping genuine date codes. If the date code is wrong but was purchased from an LV store this sometimes partly due to the fact each bag is handmade so there are instances of human error.

    However this should never determine that the product is genuine. It's the overall bag, stitching, material and texture and even smell that determines the ultimate outcome of whether it is genuine or not. No matter how good a fake is there are MANY things Louis Vuitton do differently & no sales reps should ever disclose this information. Essentially this is confidential information and termination of employment if discovered is possible.

    It is true that at the beginning of the year Louis Vuitton has changed their date code system. However if any LV sales associate reveals this new system it is meant 2b confidential information. However yes the old date code system was based on manufacturer base & country month and year it was made.

    But basically the issue Louis Vuitton has had with mypoupette over the years is that there are MANY things Louis Vuitton does that is never revealed to the public and you can only authenticate it properly at an LV store with an experience sales associate or manager. You can sometime authenticate visually with photos etc but you don't have the bag to genuinely see that it is an authentic bag"

    Well there you go girls wow i thought I know about date codes etc but man I didnt know LV does so many things differently. They told if any1 proclaims to be an LV sales rep and is revealing confidential information that I should tell them at the store and they will investigate who this person is.....
  7. So um anyone sales rep who proclaiming they are they should be careful...

    Apparently they do keep an eye and investigate these things...
  8. I'll take a photo 2night for u guys to look at but my sales reps told assured me its a genuine date code but she won't reveal why. She said although it sounds funny but it's been done differently.
  9. I think most of us are aware that a date code that even makes sense doesnt authenticate your bag.

    Perhaps if you can get a camera in there and post a pic of your date code we could help you understand it.

  10. You're reading it wrong. It's on the interior felt, which is really tough to see - and odds are that you're reading a digit wrong. Look carefully and with a flash light if it's really worth the trouble to you.
  11. Please post all date code questions in the Date Code Questions thread in the Reference Library. Thanks!
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