My MC Speedy Craziness

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  1. Okay, so here's my problem. I've been wanting the MC speedy 30 since college (I graduated 5 years ago). I would feel a ping of envy every time I saw someone proudly walking in the mall with theirs (the ones carrying a real one). Now, I have the opportunity to get one in a few months, and all these doubts keep coming to mind. Am I too old for the MC Speedy (I'm almost 29)? Will I outgrow the trend of the purse? Does it look too trendy? Is it hard to keep the white still looking white?

    My question is, am I thinking too much or are these all rational thoughts? Please help? Who knew choosing a bag would cause this much mental drama. LOL
  2. I have to reply to this since I am close to your age (just turned 30 but look and act about 23 :biggrin:) and although I am absolutely no help to you, I think the same. I love the look and get envious of the people that have it but wonder if I am too old for it too!

    But on the other hand, you've loved it for a long time and maybe it is just time to take the plunge! Good luck!
  3. You are of some help. At least you understand what my mind is going through. LOL!
  4. I am a little bit older than you :rolleyes:, and I still use my MC speedies. I say go for it!
  5. You're definitely not too old for the MC speedy! I'm also 29 and have had mine since 2005. A while ago I saw a lady in her 50's rocking her white one; she looked fab! I don't think it will ever go out of trend, it's just one of those classics, just in MC style. There's a lot of bling to it and attracts a lot of attention, so I choose carefully where and when I'll take her out. But if you've been lusting after one ever since you graduated 5 years ago, then by all means get her while you have the chance!! If there's a bag that hasn't gone out of my mind over a few years (like the Manhattan PM), then it's definitely a sign that I have got to have that certain bag. When I finally bought my Manhattan (after dreaming about it for 2+ years), I was so happy and content like never before! Good luck with your decision!
  6. If you want it and love it, you should get it --- no age limit for LV!!

    IMO, the Speedy is the best MC bag!
  7. NO-NO-NO!!!!:nono::nono::nono:
    How can you say you're old for a MC Speedy?????:confused1:
    My Lord, you're just 29!!!!Don't you know that the 40s are the brand new 30s??;):graucho:
    So you're just a teen-ager (ps:for the United Nations until 18 y.o you're a child, so...)!
    It's time for a MC Speedy!You must wear it!:noggin:
    what should we say about a beautiful 51-year-old lady called Madonna with fuxia Graffiti Speedy and a gorgeous toyboy????!
    Believe me, you can (wear it)! ::choochoo:
  8. If you love it, go for it! Personally, I don't think you're ever too old for a MC Speedy!
  9. Go for it! you are deffinatly not too old for an MC speedy!! you've wanted it for so long, you deserve it!
  10. No you're definitely not too old for MC...I just turned 32 and the MC has just started to grow on me! Maybe I'm a late bloomer LOL. But yes, the white MC speedy is very pretty and if that's the bag you've been loving for the past 5 years, it must be true love and not infatuation! So go for it!
  11. My MIL is 60 and she rocks a white MC Alma and a black MC Speedy. She looks great and age- appropriate.
  12. OH NO! you are not too old!!!! i've seen women who are old enough to be my mother carry the MC speedy. you should definitely get it if you've been lusting it since college! i would probably do the same after i graduate! hahaha
  13. No age limit for MC.
    I know there have been numerous threads about this very topic with some very insightful & fun responses.
  14. Well, I think that it totally depends on your looks and your style, not on your age. But yes, I do think that Mc line is somehow "youngish". If you are really not so sure, how about a MC Alma? I have this bag and I find it fresh and young on one side, but with a touch of elegance that will be appropriate and any age.
  15. Definitely go for it, you've pined after it for long enough ! ;)