My MC Cles Arrived

  1. I'm so happy, she arrived today. I didn't get to open my parcel until tonight.
    I got this beautiful MC White Cles from eBay. :yahoo:

    Its my first LV from eBay. I love how it looks on my Speedy. And I'm going to enjoy using this on it's own. This cles is in new condition, like its never been used. I want to thank Karman :flowers: for watermarking my pics, and thank you Addy, Lee, John 5, and Karman for helping me along the way authenticating this beautiful cles. :love: :love: :love:
    Please don't mind the dirty mirror - I think I need windex lol.

    Now I want a LV wallet. :yes:
    mccles1.jpg mccles2.jpg mccles3.jpg mccles4.jpg
  2. it's beautiful:love:
  3. Gongrast, so cute!
  4. Way to go Pearl! She's a beaut! :yahoo:
  5. I was so excited to get the box, dustbag, and tags, and LV tissue paper. And the thank you card from the seller. :smile:
  6. Congrats it looks cute on the speedy:love:
  7. CONGRATS!! A lovely new MC piece!
  8. Ooh that looks really good!
  9. Congrats!! it's so pretty i have the same one and i love it :smile:
  10. Oh and it took me a few minutes on how to unlock the cles. Then I gave it to my DH to open. He did it in a few seconds :lol: And this forum was down for me to check syntagma's post about how to open the cles. And I'm going to use my Cles on Friday - or I might use my Speedy tomorrow with my Cles. Now I want more cles' :shame:

    (I wish this wasn't priced so high - well at least it is for me, but so pretty

  11. Congrats! very pretty!
  12. :nuts: Still love it!:love: Karman's good at the watermarking:graucho:
  13. YAY!!! You did get it!!!! Congrats and you're welcome!!! :biggrin:

    I celebrated for you tonight!!! :tispy:
  14. Nice ;)
  15. Yes, she's great at watermarking. :yes: