My MBMJ Turnlock and Softy Collection that has been created in 3 WEEKS! Help ME!

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  1. Ok, I'm not going to lie. Up until the ripe age of 23, I thought 50 bucks was a sh*tload of money for a bag. I thought Coach was the creme de la creme of handbags. I got my bags at ROSS, baby! Kenneth Cole reaction was my preferred brand. Fast forward 2 years and 200 miles away from home in a strange place called Berkeley, California in an even stranger place called UC was here where I realized my love for the finer things in life.

    Okay enough of that.

    I just recently "discovered" MBMJ. It started with the toally turnlock bowler that I immediately started to covet. I had to have that little b*tch! I searched and I searched and finally found her in Moss on Ebay. I snatched it up with a quickness that was almost scary and then, to my amazement I saw ONE on bloomingdales in Black. Bought it. Then, I bought a Softy Max (which is the shorter version of the Softy tote) in Tea Leaf. Then a Softy tote in Starry silver, and now a couple of days ago, I got a Faridah in a deep brown color.

    My friends dont understand the appeal.

    One of my very good friends said that the Softy tote in Starry Silver was borderline tacky. BAH

    Anyways, I have provided links to the bags and wanted to know what you ladies thought of my burdgeoning collection and if anything was really "borderline" tacky.

    And yes, I know it really only matters if I like it. But I would like to know what you guys think.

    Click here: Google Image Result for

    Click here: Google Image Result for

    Click here: Google Image Result for

    PS: I provided links to the same bags that I have in my possession b/c I am on break from school and I have dial up at home, and loading the pics would take a very long time.
  2. I Love Marc by Marc Jacobs...
    They are great leather bags with affortable price... What is not to like...

    I am hoping to get the Softy tote in white...=)
  3. I personally don't like metallic bags. Metallics in a wallet or shoes is ok, but I think a bag is too much. I'm just a simple kind of gal. I also almost got the softy tote in meringue but it reminds me too much a back pack. But the softy max I love love love.

    REGARDLESS of what your friend thinks, I THINK that was really rude and she should have kept her mouth shut unless of course you asked her opinion.

    If MbMJ doesn't appeal to your friends, so what. My friends never even heard of MJ until I started rocking it. They were into logos and having bags that are recognizable. When I first bought a multi pocket, one of my friends asked me how much it cost, so I told her and she was like, "That's sick!!" Well I think it's sicker to pay almost as much for a piece of canvas.

    They didn't understand why'd I'd dish out the money for something that "no one" knows about. But recently one of them bought a (fake) venetia and it made her soooo happy (thinking she was) rubbing it in my face how much cheaper she paid for it than I paid for my MP. I couldn't break it to her that it was fake. Besides, I bet if I did she would have told everyone I was just jealous.

    F**k being a people pleaser. It's your money, you should buy what you want with it, regardless of if it meets other people's tastes. It DOES only matter if you like it. You should never buy anything to impress or to fit in. I think your friend is jealous because she doesn't have the BALLS to be different.

    (Excuse the novel of a post and my obscenities) :biggrin:
  4. First off, foxi - your collection is great! I'm also not a big fan of metallic, but I love the shape of the Softy Tote! I also love the Faridah you got, please please post photos when you get it! I was about to get it on NM, but it's sold out already!

    Anyway, I have to agree with Frances, whatever makes you happy is completely worth your money. I've been wanting to expand my collection ever since I got my Teri a while ago, and I'm so jealous you got to indulge in four bag purchases within such a short period of time! I always think I'll be satisfied when I buy "the bag", but once I get it, I see another one and I want it too! The cycle never stops, and I think this forum is bringing out the bag-crazy side of me I've never seen before!!

    Your collection is fabulous... not even remotely close to being tacky! Rocking fakes.. now that's tacky!
  5. I think your bags are adorable! Don't feel bad; some of my best friends don't understand my MJ obsession either. I guess that's one reason I love tPF so much! ;)
  6. as much as i like mbmj, there are a few bags that never tickled my fancy. that being said, i wouldn't describe even the worst bag in that line as "tacky." some can be ugly, yes, but i reserve tacky for baby phat and guess bags.

    i love every single bag you've purchased. you have great taste. i know your good friends are supposed to be honest with you and they're comfortable enough to tell you how they really feel, and that's great. however, there's a proper way of expressing your opinion and then there's the tackless way. your friends' preferences shouldn't always have to align with your own, but it would be nice if they could disagree with you in a less offensive manner.

    i have had friends passive aggressively tell me that they think it's ridiculous for me to spend x amount of money on a bag and/or they think it's ugly, but i always politely point out to them that i purchased it because i liked it and not to garner their approval.
  7. So cute- my coworkers think all of my LV bags are tacky. But I love them (the bags) so I could care less what they think!
  8. I think your collection is great and you obviously love it! Who cares what anyone else thinks, you get what you love!!
  9. Girlie, welcome to our world!
  10. Foxi, your MBMJ collection is fab--really classy & definitely the less "loud" pieces in that line. I've stopped listening to my friends about my bag purchases because most people just don't "get it" about buying handbags until they've done it themselves.
    I've also noticed that the things I wear that DO get compliments tend to be my "tackiest" bags in my opinion! I have a lot of Coach bags also, and I've noticed that when I carry my one signature bag (I like the leather also, but I got a signature for my school bag) EVERYONE compliments me on it even though it's my least favorite because it screams designer. I think people tend to like what they feel like they're "expected" to like, you know?
  11. Your bags are bautiful! do not listen if others tell you anything else!
  12. Wow! Thanks for all the replies ladies!

    Ive pretty much pared down my collection to mostly MBMJ. I guess Im feeling stupid because Im buying a lot of duplicated and am wondering if that is normal.

    For example, two turnlock bowlers in Moss/green

    softy max (little brother to softy tote) in tea leaf

    softy tote in carbon blue....

    Maybe I need more variety...or is this cool?