My MbMJ stuff has arrived!!

  1. Yes, I know yesterday I was b----ing about the shipping, but now my stuff's here and I'm happy!

    I decided to post pics because I think the London t-shirt is so cute. It's a little roomy on me, but it's super soft and comfy, and I love it!

    The Pan Am Weekender I got a few weeks ago, but I hadn't gotten my act together with the pics. I also posted the pictures of the totes that were only 12 bucks each!

    Also, I got the Navy ZC in April when I went to NYC and I hadn't put pics up here she is! She's gorgeous and the color is phenomenal! I absolutely love it!:yahoo:

    I got some other smaller, random stuff that I'm not posting like a band-aid pack, bracelet, and initial keychain.

    I feel like I've got my Marc fix for now, even though I wanna click BIN on eBay right now!! I'll let you know how that goes... :nuts:

    I had to save them as PDF files so that they were small enough to upload. I hope they work for everyone!!:jammin:

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  2. Great purchases! I love the Pan Am Bag, and I love how the color of the wallet matches. Congrats!
  3. Ooh! I love all your winnings!!

    Does the adorable ZC match the pan am bag? It looks like they might.

    I have the same pan am bag and my london tshirt just arrived this morning too (I'm wearing it right now). It's a little big but I cuffed the sleeves and think it's adorable.

    The other london tshirt I got with the buses on it is waaaay too big though. That one's going on eBay or going to be stitched up the sides. And I got the paris shirt, the dinosaur london tote bag, and three band aid packs.
  4. ^^We're twins pghandbag! This t-shirt is definitely one of my new faves. I want to go back and order a couple more.

    Do you think the sizes are too inconsistent since your other London tee didn't fit?

    I really love the new Pronvincetown tees! Have you seen the lobster one? It's super cute!
  5. Love all of it!!!
  6. The provincetown ones are so adorable. I like all of them!

    I had made my pan am bag charge send order (when I got the jacobs tote) then regretted for the rest of the week that I didn't get more stuff. So I made another order monday for three tshirts, the dino tote and the band aid packs. That shipping is killer though. So expensive!

    The paris tshirt fits almost exactly like the london taxi one. They're both grey and I think the paris one fits a little smaller which is great.

    The light green london bus one was a lot bigger. I wonder if is just the difference in color? Sometimes that's how it is at american apparel. Sizing can be so erratic!
  7. beautiful stuff marclover! I'm feening to hit up the MBMJ boutique now.
    Congrats on your new stuff!
  8. awesome purchases! congratulations!
  9. I love love love your ZC! The color is phenomenal. Congrats!!
  10. Cute stuff - love:heart: love the London tee!!
  11. The color of the zc is just beautiful. Fun stuff!!
  12. Your goods are great! LOVE the zc it's a super cute color!
  13. Congratulations, marclover! I love the color of your clutch!!
  14. Thanks everyone for your lovely compliments! I love the ZC so much! In fact, she's making her debut tonight with this really cute JCrew dress I just got on sale! Hooray! :yahoo:

    Also, in case you're interested...I just clicked BUY IT NOW on eBay!! It's a denim MP! The seller is really sweet, but I'm kinda worried about the authenticity. I posted the link in the Authenticate This... thread but sometimes there are horror stories! Anyway, I'll post pics when it comes!
  15. i was watching that auction and it was very tempting! i'm glad you got it. the mp looked lovely and denim is such a great color. i'm in the market for a blue bag right now.

    i'm not an expert, but it looks authentic to me. be sure to post pictures when you get it!