My MBMJ Airliner Clutch

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  1. OMG this is the PERFECT clutch! It's big, it's lush, the leather is sturdy and there's ROOM for stuff!

    If you want a clutch bag that you can carry stuff in, get this! :heart:

    That's my dear Hubby modeling her for you. lol

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  2. beautiful clutch.
    love that the hubby is modeling it. LOL
  3. i love it! very chic.
  4. I love the shape and size. So cute, Congrats!
  5. Oooh Grace, it's beautiful!!! I first thought "wow. She has really hairy arms" and then saw your comment that it was your lovely husband doing the modeling. LOLOLOL. That's so awesome. Congrats!
  6. Just looking at this today (online), looks like a nice, large clutch! Love that your hubby did the modeling!
  7. i saw that the other day at nordie's and was very close to buying it.
  8. LOL cracked me up!

    Congrats Grace...that clutch is gorgeous!:tup:
  9. I saw this at nordies earlier today ...very nice ... i love it
  10. Yeah, nicely done!
  11. Love it!
  12. Great clutch. Very swanky model. ;)
  13. Love it!!

  14. I thought so too in regards to thinking it was you at first holding it. :upsidedown: Lol!
  15. Well my 'model' works cheap, even if he is a bit on the hairy side. :P