My May shopping trip

  1. Well...I was asking earlier about what to get as a reward for another successful completion of classes


    I won't torture you long at all...I promise!! But...if you venture a guess...
  2. Do share!
  3. :shrugs: neo speedy?
  4. I'll guess the Neo Speedy, too. It's in your sig after all. LOL
  5. Do share plz...:flowers:
  6. :popcorn: waiting..
  7. ^Ding ding ding!


    I felt so terrible! I made the SA bring me out a bunch of bags. After looking at a few epi bowlings and different suhali bags, I decided on the speedy. And, my jaw about dropped to the floor when the SA said they had it in all three colors. I was shocked since the fuschia is on its way out. It was very much meant to be. So much for just spending $500 like I originally planned!

    I did do some other shopping as well and picked up a larger wristlet and ponytail scarf from coach that I thought matched the neo speedy and a LE eye makeup kit by Emilio Pucci.


    I'm done until June now! Then I can :drool:over some amarante stuff!
  8. soo beautiful!! :drool: love it!! congrats!!
  9. Very nice, congrats!
  10. Wow, that's a lot more than the 500 you planned on, but so worth it. I love mine (pic in avatar) and I am sooo gald I got one before they're allll gone!

  11. Love pink, congrats!
  12. Congrats on the new bag! It'll be sure to brighten up your day when you're sad! :p
  13. So beautiful, I love the color. Congrats!
  14. ohh congrats. i love the fuschia denim! lucky you got one before they are gone.
  15. It's BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!