My Matte Petrol Charm Me Mini just arrived!

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  1. Here she is! This leather is definitely thicker than the matte tan. I love the slight variation in the leather. It is a bit darker than I expected, but a perfect everyday bag! These both arrived yesterday so they are lounging together after their LMB spa treatment!


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  2. that is some gorgeous bag! The petrol really looks much prettier in Matte leather..I love it!!
    congrats on your new bag...
  3. Gorgeous Sandy!!! I love the light blue lining!
  4. It's a beautiful leather!! Congratulations.
    Sizewise, is it like the LM midi or LMM??
  5. Very pretty Sandy! Don't you just love the matte leather?? Those handles are amazing......

    I'm curious about the size too.
  6. Sandy, I love it!! I was seriously going to order this but then fell in love with matte dark purple and am now unsure of what leather I'm going to get for the charm me mini! LOL! But this is spectacular!! Congrats on both bags!
  7. Thank you ladies! The photos really do not do her justice!

    Here are some comparison pics for you Bonnie and Contessa.

    As you can see it is definitely bigger than the LMM and a bit shorter but wider than the LM midi. These are super quick pics just for size - the colors are not great.


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  8. Ohhh...thanks for those comparison pictures!!!

    Adding Charm Me Mini to my BE Must have list!
  9. Love it!!!! BTW ... The Petrol Matte leather looks AMAZING out in the sunlight ... it shows off the variations in the leather beautifully. It went from being "yeah, that's pretty nice" when I took mine out of the box, to "WOW .. love it!" after I'd worn it for a day. Congrats! I am also drooling over your purple glossy .. I would love one!
  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting pics, especially the size comparisons. The matte petrol is lovely!
  11. Feeling blue today.

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  12. Thanks a lot for the comparison pics!

    Wow..are you working out or have a great figure..and the bag suits you!

    *muttering to myself...must begin again at the gym!*
  13. Sandy... i love this bag... the matte petrol is just amazing... enjoy her!

    However, If i were to choose between the bag and your boobs, i'd go for the latter - ;)
  14. I love the color, leather, and style. Thanks for the pics. and enjoy!
  15. Bonnie, your a riot! Actually, I'm on my way now on my ellipictal trainer after seeing those pics. hehe

    Sandy, enjoy your new bag. Very nice!