My Matinee Tassel Modification Experiment **pics**

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  1. Okay, don't get me wrong... I LOVE tassels! But for some reason, I didn't like the look of the long tassels on my Matinee. I spent quite some time tonight pondering whether or not the long tassels had to go - and finally decided and took the plunge. I know, I know... call me crazy! :nuts:

    This was so easy to do! First I pulled off the hardware from the ends of the tassels (rivets and D-rings). Then I measured and cut the tassel to the new length, leaving a few cm's of extra room for the fold and new holes for the rivets. I folded the tassel into place, and marked with a pen on each side where the rivet would go. Then I unfolded the tassel and put it flat on my counter top. Using an eyelet setter tool, I punched out holes where the rivet would be placed. Once the holes were punched, I slipped the D-ring in place and secured the leather around the rivets.

    Voila! Now I've got short tassels that look just like the other ones on the bag. I like them, and the bag appeals to me more this way. Thank goodness it turned out well - it was a nerve-wracking operation! :sweatdrop:

    **Edit** I used a hole punch tool that came in the same kit with the eyelet setter. I'll post a pic of what I'm talking about in a few minutes...

    Enjoy the pics!



    Tassel1.jpg Tassel2.jpg Tassel3.jpg
  2. OMG love it! It looks great! You did an outstanding job!
  3. What a great idea. The matinee with shorter tassels! I returned a midnight/pewter matinee last month because of the long tassels. For some reason, I like the long tassels on the MAB and MAM, but not on Matinee. Wish I was brave enough to try this out myself back then.
  4. Looks nice with shorter tassels! Ingenious way to do it!
  5. Amazing!! I love the gray matinee. That thing is gorgeous!
  6. Alright, I don't want to send anyone into purse surgery with the wrong tools, so this is a pic of the tool I am talking about. It's actually just called a hole punch, but sometimes you can get them in a kit with eyelet setters and they come with several different head sizes.

    All you do is find the right sized head, place it on the tassel where you want the hole to be, then tap the top of the tool a couple of times with a hammer. Since you are cutting through leather, you have to tap it pretty hard. Also, I recommend doing this on top of a cutting mat or other surface that you don't want to imprint with a little circle.
  7. It looks totally amazing! I was contemplating shortening those tassels as well but I was clueless as to what tools to use and how to go about it. Thanks for the tip! I might have to try it out this weekend on my Matinee!
  8. Great handiwork! I'm very impressed because it looks like a professional leather worker did it. I'm so happy, for your sake and your lovely bag's, that it turned out well. :smile:
  9. you are hardcore. lol! i was contemplating cutting off the tassels to my mam like gung did a while back since they are way too long. now i have the right tools.

  10. ^^um can i send you my bag to do this for me:nuts:

    I'd love you FOREVER

    I love it! you can't even tell the bag wasn't produced that way.
  11. ^LOL, while it was an easy decision to cut up my own bag tonight... I can't imagine doing it to another PFer's bag! I would be too scared that something bad would happen! :hrmm:

    It really is easy to do, and I would imagine that a good leather worker or shoe repair shop would be able to do it for little to no charge. Please feel free to PM me anytime if you want clarification on anything!

    Thanks again for the compliments! When I first posted this I thought for sure I would get raked over the coals for this...
  12. WOW what a fantastic idea.. good job!! it looks amazing! Maybe RM can sell extra tassles so that people can practice..
  13. I'm very impressed!! I found the tassels a little too long and was thinking of shortening them, but I have no guts and skills to do it myself.
    Great job!
  14. Thanks so much for showing us how to do this! I'm going to run right out to the craft store to buy that tool. I've been tucking the tassles in the pockects, but I like the shorter version so much better!
  15. looks awesome :tup: i would never be able to do something like that and have it turn out well, i am just not crafty!!!