My matching Brookes are here!

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  1. Fedex showed up today! I couldn't make it to the mall due to the storm, but I ordered these online at Dillard's while the 30% off sale was going on... the pictures don't do them justice, the plum is really pretty in person. I love the gunmetal, too!

    brooke op art crsbdy.jpg brooke op art lrg wrst.jpg matching brookes.jpg
  2. Very nice, congratulations!!!
  3. I love matching sets !!! This one is just a beauty..♥
  4. Nice! Congrats!
  5. Thanks! I just loaded up the wristlet and am off to class... :smile:
  6. Very pretty! Congrats!
  7. Aww they're so pretty! Enjoy!
  8. Congrats, enjoy!
  9. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. Very Pretty!
  11. Beautiful color!
  12. Are there modeling pics?
  13. Those are fun...I love that color too!!
  14. congrats!!!
  15. Very nice sets!!