my Marine Fonce in SHW!

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  1. Went to the KLCC Chanel this afternoon to view their 1st small batch of S/S09 bags... got this one. too eager to post pics but it's already nite time here hence i have to use the flash.. the blue stitches are not as bright as shown in these pics... thanks for looking n letting me share.

    i tried on the Caviar SHW maxi too, it's very soft n not as structured as the typical Caviar Jumbo. there was also a jade green lambskin GHW med/large size, n those E/W with Charms which i didnt quite like. Took a peep at their Training booklet n i m truly sad the store here didnt order many things in Caviar... definitely not those Fushia n Blue caviar which have been mentioned here! well.. a lot of lambskins!

  2. ooohhh lovely shade of blue.. yummy!! congrats!!! :smile:
  3. Very nice colour. Btw, how much is it in RM? From the numerous threads, I've learnt that the prices in M'sia is lower compared to Singapore (after FX conversion).
  4. veronica_ling: Very pretty, big congrats to you. Modelling pictures please.

    Kristinelooi: I've also read that scoring chanel in KL is probably a little cheaper compared to getting it locally.
  5. hmm u know what? i m really embarrassed about this.. i cant remember how much i paid!!!! i know, this sounds so silly. i was too absorbed looking at the Training booklet... ok, at least i know it is RM8000+, close to RM9000 i guess. n i thot it was such a good deal (well, maybe not compared to prices in the US n France) for such a big bag in classic jumbo size (actually slightly taller than jumbo) with 2.55 lock n chainl n i love the bright silver combination on it. i dun have the receipt too at the moment cus KLCC was giving away some mini Hi-Fi set with purchases above RM5000 n i didnt wan it (i had one already) so i gave my receipt to the SA to redeem it for her. she will of course keep the receipt for me till i drop by next which is likely to be next week. so sorry, such a long story.
  6. IceEarl: Thanks. Looks like I'd need to make a trip to M'sia sometime. Hopefully not with DH in tow cos he has no idea how much my bags cost.
  7. i forgot to add... i think this bag is not priced over RM10,000 simply because the lining inside is not leather. it is lined in grey fabric. the inside of the back pocket is also lined in grey. oh well.. doesnt bother me at all. i have asked the SA to put on hold the green lambskin medium (colour is Verte i believe) for me, i'll think about it over the weekend.
  8. My Gawd!!! RM8k - RM9k? That's a steal! Let me see... after conversion. It should roughly cost approx...SG4k. Plus...a freebie thrown in for good measure. You are one lucky girl.
  9. i thot so too, hence when i asked the price for this one, she told me RM8xxx, immediately i confirmed i wud take it. then i continued looking at the rest. i really like the size or rather shape. i cant take the normal 2.55 in 227 size hence this is just perfect with 2.55 hardware but classic shape.

    i also reserved the Portobello which shud be coming in before Chinese New Year. i asked them about Caviar flaps, they said not getting those colourful ones in, told me to check with Singapore... did u drop by the store n ask? if u do pop in there, please ask them if they ordered caviar flaps n in what colours. thanks
  10. What a pretty blue-so versatile!
  11. That is a gorgeous bag! Love the color...congrats! :smile:
  12. Veronica: The Portobello is TDF. Do show some pics when you get it. I will try to drop by at Ngee Ann City sometime next week and let you know the colours available in Caviar. This will also be my 1st visit since I gave birth in Dec 08 so I am quite excited myself..
  13. ur 1st baby? just over a month huh, bet u cant wait to get out. all the more u shud get a new bag. thanks for asking.
  14. Nope, my 2nd baby. I indulged in my very first Chanel - a Dark Silver 227 in Sep 08 (a long overdue pressie to myself for enduring 22 hours of labour!). I've always liked the classic black lambskin but seeing the many colored flaps out there... I am undecided.

    Back in Nov, they were displaying a red Accordian-style bag. I did not have a chance to take a good look cos that place is always crowded. As soon as I find out about the colored flaps... I'll let you know.
  15. Wow veronica - that is one gorgeous flap!!! Love the colour!!!
    I guess Malaysia would be slightly cheaper now because of the exchange rate - I should have stopped by the boutique when I was back over Christmas!!! Can't wait to see your next buy(s)!!!
    BTW, your SA is so lucky you are her customer!!! So sweet of you!