My Marelle MM has disappeared into the ether...

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  1. Howdy all!;)

    I won a gorgeous Marelle MM over a month a go, I paid for it and all that jazz, and I've been dying to own one since they were first anyhoo, a month down the track and it still hasn't turned up. The seller is looking into it but I'm peeved off because:

    A: I want it. Now.
    B: I paid extra on postage so it would be tracked, but the seller only posted it by regular international mail, no tracking......

    ARRRGGGHHHH what do I do if it never arrives??? Is the seller responsible???

    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. I don't know how it works but I sure hope you get it. So sorry, and good luck!
  3. Did you pay by paypal??? If so file a complaint now!!! You should not be waiting this long. If you did pay by paypal, I hope you haven't past the 45 days to file a claim... With paypal, it's the seller's responsibility to get the bag to you!
  4. Yep, I paid by paypal. I contacted the seller and she said she was going to the post office to look into it, and assured me that it had been insured.

    Should I wait to hear back from her or should I contact paypal first? I want to be fair to her, I guess it's not her fault if USPS lost my parcel...but I can't afford to lose all that money...

    I'm sooooo stressed right now lol.
  5. Did you pay for insurance? If so, she will get that money back if the package is indeed lost. You only have 45 days to file a claim with paypal, so if it's already been a month, your time is almost up. Does she have good feedback? Could she possibly be giving you the run around until the 45 days is up and you are unable to claim? If you paid for tracking, then she have shipped it with tracking!! Grr...
  6. I am the infamous one that had something take 5-6 weeks for something to get here from Germany. The seller had just filed a complaint with DHL or whatever the first part is in Germany. I had already replaced the item from another seller and suddenly I had 2 snow domes...

    Give it up to the 44th day.
  7. OPEN A CLAIM NOW!!!!!!!!
    Do not wait one more second, the SELLER is responsible for making sure you get your package per eBay/Paypal.
    Even if ehr auction states that YOU are responsible for buying insurance, yadada, yadada, yadada, it's HER responsibilty.
    Don't let her buy enough time that Paypal won't allow you to file.
    Do it now and you can always clsoe it if you get it:yes:
  8. Yep, You have to file right away. A month is way to long to take to recieve an insured package. Until you sign for the package it is the seller's responsibility to make sure the package gets to you. FIle TODAY. You can always close the complaint if the purse arrives with no negative effect on the seller.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone, I've started a dispute thingy via paypal, and am waiting to hear back from the seller.....

    I'll let you know how it goes.......

    Crap, I hope I get my money back!!!!!
  10. She has a good reputation and 100% feedback. She also left me positive feedback without even waiting for me to get the package, so those things tell me that she probably isn't a scammer, but all the same I have opened a paypal dispute just in case :yes:.

    I'm hoping she doesn't take the dispute thing too harshly, I'm only trying to protect myself after all.
  11. Oh. I feel sorry for the seller. :sad: I really hope she bought insurance. Insurance protects sellers rather than buyers, but not all sellers know that. If it was insured, then she will get the money back eventually. Hopefully the bag will turn up soon!
  12. Just wondering, is there a time frame for you to wait before you can file a dispute? Also, what if the buyer did not pay extra for tracking? Is there anything that can be done in that case if the package did not turn up? I do see many sellers state in their auction that they will not be held resposnsible if the package did not turn up if the buyer did not pay to send with tracking and insurance, etc.

    Oh, lv_obsessed, I hope everything will turn out fine! It must be so stressful waiting for the package for so long! Good luck!
  13. Since being on PF, I've learnt that it's the seller's responsibility to ensure the item arrives. Proof the item was sent is not sufficient. The seller needs to prove that the item was delivered. Therefore, insurance and tracking is there to protect sellers, not buyers.

    A buyer has 45 days to file a claim with Paypal. If they paid by CC, then they have between 60-90 days.

    This is what I've gathered from other pfers' experiences, so please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Thanks, but how long should we allocate time to wait for the package before we consider filing a dispute? Especially for international packages?
  15. The one time this happened I waited for day 44 of 45 to give the seller and me a chance to wait this out stress-free, then I filed, got my money back, and THEN the shipment arrived!!
    So I paid the seller again and we left each other positive feedback after all :smile: