My: Marc Jacobs- Bal Harbour Satchel :)

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  1. I got this 7 months ago.
    I realized that this color sold out so fast!!!

    I haven't worn it out much~
    Maybe 3 times.
    It's soooo gorgeous everytime I open up the dust bag to take it out~
    Sometimes I just take it out to look at it, haha.



    i really love this bag :heart:
  2. :woohoo::yes:;):p
  3. it's pretty!!
  4. yes this bag is really nice, i really like it, the bag come in mocassin and olive too which are really nice colors, congrats!:yahoo:
  5. i've always thought this bag was gorgeous! you wear it well. congrats!
  6. The bag is so pretty! I would always take it out to visit it too!
  7. Very pretty...and you look amazing with it! Congrats!!
  8. That IS a stunning bag! Congrats! Thanks for sharing~
  9. What a gorgeous bag, it looks great on you!