My Marc by Marc Special Items "haul"

  1. Hi again ladies!

    I went on a spending "spree" Sunday and in addition to my new blake (at MJ collection store) I picked up some of the Marc by Marc Jacobs special items I had seen online. I plan on giving some/ most of these items as gifts. The best things I found were the quilted wristlets and the wallet- I was expecting those to be sold out but was veryhappy they weren't.:yahoo:

    Here are the pics. Everything was at SUCH a good price, I couldnt resist!
    Marc by Marc special items totes.jpg Marc by Marc special items clutch.jpg Marc by Marc special items wallet.jpg Marc by Marc special items wristlet.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! You got the key necklace!! I love that one!!! I'm so jealous!! Congrats again!!!
  3. aww! i love it! I want one of those totes and the bandaid holder!! they are so cute!

    nice haul!
  4. Thanks! I'm giving that (amongst other MJ goodies) to my best friend who started me on Marc Jacobs. She is going to be surprised when I give it to her.

    Anyways, THANKS!
  5. Thanks so much! There were so many totes in the shop (different colors, etc.) to choose from. They make for good designer grocery bags- I'm tempted to go bag and get more.
  6. Wow - fantastic haul - congrats!

    Your friend is very lucky!:tup:
  7. those go for like 70 dollars on eBay
  8. Ooh, I love it all, especially the key necklace and jacobs by marc jacobs, etc. tote! Makes me want to hit the mbmj store after work!
  9. Oh those are so cute. I love the pouches. Those were some of the items I printed out. Hmm now I have to decide if I want to hit up the MbMJ store in NY or if I should just call and order over the phone. Do you know if the store you went to had the Pan Am Weekender there as well?
  10. THANKS! Unfortunately I did not see the Pan Am bag at the LA boutique. They seemed to have craploads of all the other totes but not those. I looked at everything in the store about 3 times to make sure I spotted all the "special items".
  11. thanks! it was fun searching around the store for the deals.
  12. oh my gosh C1976- you went wild :yahoo: you went around the store three times?? how big is the LA store? ours in ny could fit in my bathroom- its tiny, but always packed to the brim.

    whats the quality of the key necklace like?
  13. The LA store sounds alot bigger than the NY store. Its not gigantic by any means though...I just take a long time to decide what items to buy/ make sure I knew all my options. I didnt want to go too wild.

    The necklace is pretty lightweight. Its shiny "silver"... key pendant on a 18" ball chain. In my opinion, its a good buy for $10. Its so cute.
  14. Gorgeous goodies!! What's that little purple case in the middle of the 2nd pic? The color is so regal!!
  15. thanks so much. It's a cute little coin purse. The color is fantastic in person. They had a wristlet that matched it too that I debated about but didnt buy....