My Manolo's from Neiman's Pre-sale have NOT Arrived!

  1. I opened a Neiman Marcus credit card and purchased a Marc Jacobs bag at the pre-sale, then Manolo flats, which were shipped to me that Tuesday (I was in Boca, and I live in Boston), or they should have been.

    I hope they come tomorrow! I'll have to try calling again. I called the SA's number on Wednesday and this woman directed me somewhere that just rang and rang. It was weird, I said I'd like Blank Blank in ladies shoes, and before I was finished, I was zipped off to that other location.

    Then I forgot to call yesterday, and wasn't able to today. Argh!

    I've been SUPER worried!!! :sweatdrop: :sad::confused1:

    I hope my shoes, my first Manolos, aren't walking around on someone else's feet!!!!!!!!!!! :hysteric:I hope they're at least still tucked away for me, because there were only two left and who knows how many there are in the whole country!
  2. Omgosh, they came!!!!!!! :yahoo: They came they came they came they came!!!!!!! :party: Photos soon!!!!!!
  3. Good for you. Congrats...don't forget to post pics for us to enjoy too :smile: :smile: :smile: