My Manhattan PM!!

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  1. Do you guys think i should have got the Gm better than the Pm, which one do you think is better..:heart::heart::heart:
  2. honey, you look great, congrats on the Manhattan . .
  3. I personally prefer the Gm, but the Pm is gorgeous as well.
  4. They are both beautiful. I have the PM and it's perfect for me. Some prefer the larger GM.
    I think the PM suits you well......
  5. Aack! I'm so jealous! You look great with it, congrats! I want this bag too! :love:

    May I ask how tall you are? :smile:
  6. PM! I have it too. Looks great!
  7. You're gorgeous! If you love it keep it! It looks great on you.
  8. PM looks beautiful on you!
  9. WOW! the Manhattan PM is really great on you! :yahoo: And definitely, you are beautiful. :heart:
    Personally I love the PM more than GM.
    The GM is too big for me. They both are FAB though. :yes:
    Few of my friends who had PM decided to return it to the GM just bcos GM is more roomy to hold lot of their stuffs. :shrugs:
    I think if the PM provide you easily put in and out as well as carry all of your stuffs...that's perfect. :flowers:
  10. I like the PM better.
  11. sizewise - i like the pm

    congrats on your pm! it looks great on you and youre gorgeous!
  12. i love the pm! it looks fabulous!
  13. I agree, the PM looks good on you. Would you mind taking a picture of the inside for me?
  14. The PM looks great - I would keep it.
    I actually prefer the look of the PM to the GM anyway, don't ask me why.:shrugs:
  15. Thanks sweethearts:heart::love: i guess the size of it is good for me.. thanks again
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.