My Manhattan PM is HERE!!!!!

  1. She is here, the UPS man just dropped her off!! I am so excited now, I just got her out and I'm looking her over. I'll post pics in just a minute, I'm getting my camera out!:yahoo:
  2. wowowo
    so excited
  3. :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  4. Congrats!!!!! I :love: this bag
  5. picspicspicspics!!!! woohoo!!
  6. YAY congrats!!! :flowers:
  7. :whistle::popcorn:
  8. YAY!!:yahoo: Love this bag, soooo pretty.:wlae:
  9. Ok here she is...the lovely Manhattan PM..:love:
    manhattan pm3.JPG manhattan pm2.JPG inside.JPG handheld.JPG crook of arm2.JPG
  10. Beautiful pictures! Congrats on your new purse. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. congrats! enjoy your bag!
  12. OMG! THAT'S soooc ute! Love it! does it fit a lot?!?!

    Congrats! haha...btw, that was fast!
  13. Congratulations - it's beautiful!
  14. awww... She's beautiful on you!:blah:

    Congrats! IHMO :love:
  15. Thanks everyone, I'm in love!:love:

    Jill- I'm not sure how much she'll fit yet, I haven't put anything in her yet but she looks pretty roomy! I'll try to put my things in there later and take a picture with her filled!