My Mandy Bag and Accessories

  1. Here are photos of my Mandy Bag, Make Up Bag, Wallet, Wristlet and Chameleon Liner.

  2. Beautiful! Enjoy!!:yes:
  3. Love it!! Enjoy!!! :smile:
  4. I love the whiskey! By the way, where did you get the Chameleon Liner? I Love that
  5. LOVE IT! Now all you need is the scarf and the coin pouch and you've mastered the art of the legacy!! Its all TDF!!!!
  6. Pretty! Congrats!
  7. GORGEOUS!! I would so love a matching set
  8. :yahoo:

    they are gorgeous


    but is it heavy though?
  9. ^^That's the reason why I bought the shoulder bag instead- my arms are too weak for that big, heavy bag-even though its gorgeous!:love:
  10. I am not a big handbag carrier. I work security so I usually leave my bag in my personal car at work.

    I just HAD to have this bag though. I was getting ready to go to Disney, reading magazines in the airport, and saw the Legacy line in a Coach Ad. I went to the store and they had the satchel and the smaller bag. I almost bought it, but then I thought to look in the counter book. There she was! I ordered it (beginning of Oct)... I also ended up getting the same one on ebay too. I love to have duplicate items so I think I am going to keep both. I was looking at the charms yesterday. I am not sure I have room for anything else in the bag!
  11. thats a beautiful bag! congrats, and I love every single accessory you bought, especially the striped! CONGRATS!
  12. Congrats.
  13. thats a great looking bag,congrats!:yes:
  14. Very cute! Congrats!!!