My mandarin speedy arrived!

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  1. The SA called earlier today and said two words: "It's here." I raced to LV, and drove home with a huge LV bag in my front seat :graucho:

    I love it! I am so glad I went with the mandarin. No cat pee smell, either - I smelled it before I left the boutique :lol: I asked the SA about it, and she looked at me like I was nuts :shame: but she also sniffed it, just to be sure.

    Earlier today I bought the panda cles, it should be here in a few days. I think it'll look so cute hanging from the mandarin epi, and my other bags :cool:

    :heart: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MandarinSpeedy.jpg MandarinSpeedy2.jpg MandarinSpeedy3.jpg MandarinSpeedy4.jpg
  2. Cristina!!! She is GORGEOUS!!!:love: Enjoy it, dear!!!
  3. Gorgeous! I Love It!
  4. Thank you, mandarin speedy twin :heart: I just love looking at her! :shame:
  5. congrats christina, take picture of your all your collection, let us see how big did your bag family grw since yu joined here hehe
  6. Just beautiful - I love the mandarin. Congrats!
  7. COngrats.
  8. CONGRATS! love the color!
  9. The bag collection might have grown, but the bank account has shrank (shrunk? hmmm) :shame: :angel:
  10. congrats cristina!!! what a great color. bonus for no pee smell.
  11. Congrat's..
  12. :lol: That's a big bonus! All I smelled was leather and bag newness :amuse:
  13. Great pics!!! Congrats. Its absolutely GORGEOUS!
  14. Cristina ~ I'm So Happy For You! I'm So Glad You Chose The Mandarin As Well!!! It's Absolutely Magnificent!!!!!! :smile: Enjoy That Amazing Bag!
  15. Congrats Cristina!!!! And no cat pee smell to boot!!!!! Enjoy her she is beautiful!!!!
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