My Mandarin Epi Petit Noe Arrived!!

  1. It came yesterday and :heart: I love it!!:heart: The color is TDF. Here is my newest beauty:

    7-7-06 002.jpg

    7-7-06 003.jpg
  2. Very nice!
  3. Oh, that's beautiful. I love that color!
  4. OOoooh:love: ,it's gorgeous.Congratulations!:flowers:
  5. The only thing is that the drawstring is stiff, I know cuz it's new and all, but I'm having trouble keeping it tyed. I try to tie it in a bow and it keeps coming undone. I saw a pic of Luna's mandarin PN and hers was tied so perfect. Any suggestions?
  6. Congratulations Melissa !

    An absolutely lovely bag !

    Mandarine is a great colour, is'nt it ?

  7. I know some people who don't tie their noes at all.
  8. It's great!! Congrats! I saw this color IRL at the store the other day and it was fab!!!!
  9. The color is beautiful! Enjoy!
  10. Thanks!! I just love this color. It's such a happy color. :yes:
  11. I have the Sufflot in Mandarine.

    It' still sitting in my showcase with all the other coloured LV items.

    I still never used it. So to say: too lovely tu use :girlsigh:
  12. sorry for my typos, I should write more slowly I think :angel:
  13. ]

    LOL!! That's how I feel with my red Epi Speedy 25. :roflmfao:
  14. Oh Melissa, that's great: somebody who understands me :rolleyes:

    I must confess, that the most of my new handbags are still unused, sleeping in their sleeperbags in dark cardboards

    I know, that is foolish, but I can't bite the bullet
  15. Beautiful color. Congrats!