My Mandarin Epi Bucket arrived!!

  1. Here she is! (along with another new little friend, a pochette accessoires:love:

    The plastic is still on the handles because these are my first LV bags, and though I love them, since finding this forum I am really coming around to the canvas, and I am tempted to trade the bucket in for something else (like a Vavin GM, or Looping MM, or . . .) if only I weren't so indecisive!!

    Thank you soooo much to all who weighed in when I was making my decision--I really appreciated your advice!!!:smile:
    EpiMand1.jpg LV1.jpg bucket3.jpg bucket4.jpg
  2. It looks FAB on you! Congrats
  3. Wow great purchases!
    I love the Mandarin and I love it in the bucket!!!!!
    It looks great on you!
    It will be a nice bag for the summer!
  4. Such a pretty color! Congrats!
  5. LOVE anything in Mandarin!!! CONGRATS AND ENJOY!!!:love:
  6. Wow, it looks GREAT on you :smile: I love the epi line!
  7. It looks great!
  8. I love the Epi Mandarin color! Your bag is the perfect size for you. I see a matching (Pochette wallet?) Very nice!!
  9. Congrats on the Great fits you well..:biggrin:
  10. Very, very nice! It does look great on you!
  11. 0o0o0 great colour!!! great LV pieces!!! thanks for sharing!
  12. congrats!!! it looks great on you!!!!!!!
  13. I love, love, love the mandarin color :biggrin: Congrats!
  15. Congrats!