My man is hard to buy for......

  1. So, today I was having a really good look at my "Le Beaute Voyages" book and came across this glorious men's briefcase and showed it to DH who took one look and said, "Wow! That's one gorgeous bag!" and the :idea: went off in my head. THIS might be just the kind of gift for DH's birthday rolling around on Dec. 7th!

    I'd like to introduce Hermes to my DH somehow but he's a hard nut to crack. Doesn't wear watches, no ties, his wallet he's had for half a century and it's still goin strong, doesn't use a money clip, no cuff links, needs an agenda but won't use one and the list goes on.

    I'm thinking a briefcase might be the way to go but I know NOTHING about them....color, leather, COST! Is it the same for briefcases as it is for handbags? Wait until something hits the shelves and then pounce? Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing?

    And if a briefcase isn't in the cards, can you throw some suggestions at me?

    THis man is HARD to buy for......and that's the truth!!!
  2. shopmom:
    I am no help. my DH is the same. I dont' even bother. Because I know he is not going to appreciate the thought put into it.
    He is a lot more excited when I buy him camera equipment (or at his younger stuff..*yawn*).
  3. I cannot be of any help too, shopmom. My DH sounds just like yours too.

    The only Hermes thing I have gotten him recently was a silk tie. Well, he has to wear a tie for business meetings, but you know what, he won't wear a business shirt to the office. He wears a polo shift in, and if he has to, he will change into his business shirt and pop on a tie.

    The most expensive thing I ever bought him was a Bvlgari automatic watch, and that was when we were still dating. He wore it like 5 times, just to humour me, and he has never worn it since.

    I kinda think we are very lucky women to have low maintenance DHs :roflmfao: LOL.

    I would suggest a really swanky mobile phone, something like the Nokia N93 that I have. It's the best so far.
  4. I'm no help either!
    My DH loves technology, sports and video games (still!! :wtf: ) - he's a lost cause sometimes... so for the holidays, he's getting that new Nintendo Wii that's coming out and and Alienware laptop.
    I can't imagine that the briefcases would be as popular as the bags though - LOL, just because they're catered for men.
  5. Mine has no interest, either. :sad:
  6. Hi Shopmom! Sorry I have no DH to reference... but for sure briefcases are not as difficult to come by (there are usually a couple in most shops) and prices are similar to the bags from my recollection.

    Other ideas :
    - something that may be useful for him (and even you) is the Hermes mouse pads... for sure it can be put into good use?
    - Otherwise Hermes does some stunning desk top accessories (for office/work desk).
    - Alternatively Hermes menswear I find is TDF... and a lot more reasonably priced than ladies RTW. Surely a nice, soft cashmere sweater would be appreciated? Their leather mens jackets are also TDF!

    Just some ideas... good luck with your search!
  7. oooooo...good ideas, Barbs. Didn't think of desk accessories! And a mouse pad? I might even like that!!!! Thank you!
  8. Luckily my DH loves a nice tie, so that's what I usually get him. Hermes home also has bathrobes, towels etc that look soooo comfy.......
  9. ^^^My Hubby is just like all of yours...I brought up ties, and he just :rolleyes: rolled his eyes!! I also showed him men carrying Birkins, and he just CLOSED his eyes. He just got himself a new computer and camera, and is on a 10day trip with his buddies.

    I like the mouse pad idea....the thing my hubby likes are PENS.


    a nice pen
    a wallet with his initials ingraved inside
    a Hermes Scarf for the winter time in Bezerkley
    A "MANLY" Coffee mug

    Good Luck, and He is a SAGITTARIUS just like me.
  10. D, if the briefcase fails - what about a nice leather jacket? An H leather jacket..... surely must please a man???
  11. D, my DH and I saw a beautiful briefcase in BH last week. It had two buckle straps in the front and it had two gussets, and it ran around $7K; I'm not sure what skin it was. The SA was explaining to two other gentlemen how the exterior is made of one continuous piece of skin and the interior another piece with double-stitching all along the sides. I know that there are quite a few different styles of briefcases out there so I'm not sure of the price range of them all.

    I do think they have some lovely menswear--cashmere sweaters (~$1,200) that DH was looking at as well as some really nice belts ($800) and some great shoes as well.
  12. Shopmom ,my DH loves actually everything from H.
    He has several ties,shirts ,wallet etc...
    He said the briefcase is okay but since he knows the price he denied to buy/get one because he doesnt want to baby it.
    Although he is very careful with all his stuff, i think men dont like to worry about a bag....
    So maybe your DH would be more pleased with small items or RTW.
  13. Hi Shopmom,

    Another thing my hubby likes are CROCODILE, ALLIGATOR, OR LIZARD BELTS.

    Does Hermes have these for men?? I would think they should. I always buy hubby some sort of exotic leather belt and that man just swoons!!:heart:
  14. get him a birkin.

    and if he doesn't use it, at least it won't go to waste. :angel:
  15. :roflmfao: