my mama is "deteriorating", help

  1. I've had my zuccino mama bag for about a year now and the FF metal closure thing...the middle, the dark shininess is comming off. Hard to's light now i guess, where it hits things. I guess i'm not that careful with it, as it's my every day lounging around bag. Anyways, how do i get it back to its full lustre again?
  2. anyone?
  3. Nobody own baguettes or mamas or anything? Do you all just have spy's and B bags? lol Come on! my FF buckle is wearing down...what do i do? please......
  4. I don't have a mama, but some stores will fix your Fendi if something goes wrong. For example, an SA at bloomies recently told me they can get certain things fixed for bags that were purchased at their store (like handles if they snap from a buckle). I also overheard an SA at a Fendi boutique tell another customer the same thing.
  5. If you live near the fendi store, that sounds like the best bet:smile:
  6. no fendi store in my state or close states. i guess i'm out of luck.