My Makeup Collection

  1. Recently in veiwing all the beauty bar threads about makeup.. i decided to go home and clear out all the makeup i dont use anymore and all the makeup thats old etc..

    Ive posted recently that ive been buying lots of makeup recently.. i think pretty much because it fits all the time.. ( haha not fat days with makeup)

    In any case i decided to clear it out and take pics of what was left... teehee. enjoy

    oh and no im not a makeup artist never been one i just like makeup
  2. and a few more...

    I also bought the new chanel lipstick.. the packaging is TO DIE FOR!! its black and you push the bottom and the lipstick pops up.. oh sooo sooo cute!!!

    and i bought this lancome duo eyeshadow set.. grey and a lilacy color that has a star imprininted on it.. i have to say i really liked it
  3. great collection!
  4. What a fun collection!!!!
  5. thats a lot of stuff.
  6. Thanks guys!!!

    teeheee... the only thing is those little mac pigments all in a row.. ithink ive only used one of the colors before
  7. gorgeous collection, love the piggies, where on earth did you get pink handled mac brushes???????? I MUST get them!
  8. ^ hahah was jsut going to ask you wahts the piggies?? then i guessed u meant pigments..

    as for the brushes i got them as aprt of the MAC gift sets they do during the holidays
  9. Looks like a candy shop!
  10. Wow, thats a lot of stuff! Love all the palettes. Now I need to go makeup shopping.
  11. Lovely make-up and like you I am a MAC girl at heart. Looking at your brushes I definately have to buy myself some more.
  12. Can you tell me more about the new chanel lipstick?
  13. ^ what would you like to know?
  14. Gorgeous collection! Last night, I was looking at all the makeup I have and was thinking I had way too much...but compared to YOU...I need to buy more! :lol:
  15. Oh, never mind, I found the item on I was just wondering about how you said you pushed the bottom up and it came up. It sounded different so I was wondering about it.