My Makeover Is Tomorrow

  1. YIKES!
    So I posted about this over a month ago when I first signed up...and now the day is finally here.
    Tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern all my hair is gone!
    I'm excited and scared at the same time and kind of sad :crybaby: It's like I have a secure attachment with my hair.
    I took a shower this morning and was squeezing the water out of it and thought "wow...second last time I'll be able to do that"
    They won't tell me yet what ideas they have for my hair!
    Hubby is excited...he says it'll be like being married to someone new lol
    he also says I'm like a blank hair is uncolored, one long length (halfway down my back) and I never wear makeup.

    For those who don't know:
    I signed up for a makeover contest at a salon. 10 women. We get free haircut, color, professional makeup done by a makeup artist and professional photos taken.
    The winner (not sure about how the voting is taking place) gets a year of free haircuts and color.

    I have to wear 2 outfits. So I decided on some sexy gauchos and a lace top, and outfit #2 is some SFAM jeans and a grail top. Wedges for shoes. They also want accessories, so I'll bring my Tiffany jewerly, and 2 LVs (probably my black MC Lodge and my Panda pochette since they're cute and kind of flirty).

    Am I crazy ladies??????!!!!!!???????

    I promise to post before and after pics tomorrow night when I get home.
  2. Ooooh it sounds exciting!!! I would be scared too...but Im sure you will look GREAT! Good Luck :smile:
  3. Thanks dk!
  4. sounds so fun! I wish I get to do that! Maybe you can take a pic in those same outfits before the makeover, and then see the difference later! I love before and after pictures! Good Luck to you!
  5. I'm sure the results will be great. Please post pics so we can see!!!
  6. Wow! That is so exciting! I bet you'll look FIERCE!
  7. Good luck and I hope you love the haircut, but if not remember: it's only hair and it will grow back! :yes:

    Is your hair long enough for Locks of Love? If so and they cut enough of it, that would be FAB for you to make that contribution since it's not been color treated! :angel:
  8. Sounds so exciting..... Have a wonderful day!!
  9. oooh how fabulous are you! good luck!!
  10. Please post pics for us ASAP! How exciting! Have a great time! :biggrin:
  11. Have fun!
  12. Aww how exciting! Don't forget to post before and after pics:graucho: I'm sure you'll look stunning and soo beautiful :yes: that you'll forget about your 'hair'. And hope you WIN!!!:tender:
  13. Can't wait to see the pictures :biggrin: Hope you win!
  14. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!
    I hope they can do Locks of Love as well!
  15. Have fun! Don't forget pics....I need some makeover inspiration myself lol.