My Mailorder Delivery Nightmare, Realized!!!

  1. All day long, I was attending my partner's grandfather's funeral. I knew a few recent purchases might be en route to me but because I have never had a problem with deliveries being stolen, I didn't worry about it. I live in a nice neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh, but on a fairly busy street.

    Well today, around 11 pm (after spending time with family, following the wake) I came home to an EMPTY box! I about died.

    Some creep was on my porch stealing my bag: [​IMG]

    UPS left it with the GIANT practically neon-lighted box in plain sight of the street. An because it sat there for hours and hours, some jerk emptied it of its contents (but left the box just to taunt me I guess)?

    The good news is Zappos is sending another one to me, with signatures required. The bad news is that I'll always associate it with this day which was sad and scary for me. Plus, if I ever see anyone carrying my bag, I'll know where it came from and be able to do NOTHING about it because they most likely bought it from some sleazebag drug addicts.

    I guess it's good they left it for me though so that I knew it was stolen and knew to call the police, zappos and ups.

    And now I'm putting up a note to ask that they not leave anything on the front porch ever again.

    bleh.. I'm exhausted and so bummed that I could have had my purse today but instead some gross scumbag is doing god knows what with it!
  2. I'm really scared that my recent Ft. Lauderdale Neiman Marcus Chloe Tracy bag will be stolen also.
  3. Wow.....sorry about your day:shocked: ...
  4. That totally sucks! At least you're gettting a replacement!
  5. Sorry about your entire day :sad:
  6. They better pay everything back! So sorry about this *hug*
  7. Sorry about the trauma, but atleast you are getting replacements.
  8. oh my, what an awful day! Im sorry your bag was stolen, especially on an already depressing day of a funeral! grr.. what is the world coming to? I love the bag btw.. gorgeaus! And im happy zappos is sending you a new one, ive only ever had great personal experiences with them! congrats on the new bag, and goodluck!!
  9. Thanks ladies! I was seriously sick when I saw the empty box on my porch. It's just so MEAN! I don't know how some people sleep at night.

    But I must reiterate singing the praises of Zappos. Their customer service people (at midnight, no less!!), were supportive, kind, and understanding. They gave me no hassle at all and just processed the shipment of a new bag on the spot. They also reassured me that the package would require a signature this time so it couldn't happen again (and they adjusted my account so that it always is required). If I could have reached through the phone to hug them, I would have!

    I also called neiman marcus and fed ex to check on my Chloe Tracy bag which is on its way to me but has no signature required. Hopefully fed ex will mind the "deliver to the rear: packages left on the porch have been stolen from this address" sign I posted.

    But just in case, I'm considering staying home all day on Wednesday (which is a day off from my classes and teaching anyway) and making sure I am here to personally receive my other bag.

    I am so thankful I have a forum in which to vent to about this though, because my significant other and family all think I'm nuts for spending this much on bags in the first place.

    Also, thanks newaddition! I've wanted a royal blue leather bag and the military style of this cynthia rowley bag is going to look great with some of my winter coats!
  10. OMG I would be fuming...hugs about your grandfather
  11. I am so sorry to hear about your circumstance. What a mess! If I know I am not going to be home, of course, you can't plan on funerals, but I have everything delivered to where I work. That way I don't worry about boxes sitting on my front porch for the world to see.
  12. My goodness. How awful. I'm glad you get another from Zappos, but just that experience alone. Makes me think twice about having stuff delivered to my home now.
  13. My goodness. How awful. I'm glad you get another from Zappos, but just that experience alone. Makes me think twice about having stuff delivered to my home now.
  14. What a sad day all around. So glad Zappos is resending. Sorry about your partner's family member.
  15. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments! I'm glad I have this forum to discuss it...

    I totally agree.. the experience of having something stolen from your porch is such a creepy thing to think about. I feel violated especially because they also took my packing slip and I can't think of what is on the zappos packing slip... hopefully no credit card info!!! But surely, my name and what not.

    How could someone be so audacious!? To walk onto someone's porch and empty the contents of a package takes a lot of "balls" for lack of better euphemism... and what's worse is that I can't help but assume that it was some very desperate person for whom balls didn't even factor so much as, "I need to find a way to get my next fix" or something... which scares me a lot.

    I mean, I'm not in a dangerous neighborhood but I am in a city so I guess this stuff is to be expected. But on my front porch isn't where I expect shady stuff to go down.